Purchasing and supply chain management is very important aspect for every retail organisation. Generally it is a process under which goods and services deliver to the final consumer. It involves the movement and storage of raw material, work in process inventory and finished goods from point  of origin to point of consumption. In order to get effective success from the market, corporation have to set its effective supply chain management so as right quality and quantity of goods and services can deliver to right customers and meet their expectation (Zhuo and Wei, 2017). The following report provided a depth knowledge and understanding about the role of purchasing and supply in Nisa retailer. In addition to this various components of purchasing and supply chain management has been also addressed in this report.

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The purchasing and supply chain management is a process of designing, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring of supply chain activities in order to create bet value, competitive infrastructure and synchronising supply with demand and measuring performance of business. In other word it can be said that supply chain management is a process of delivering the right product and services, at the right time , at the right place and at the right cost of customer. In the context of Nisa retail private limited company, it performs an excellent programs of supply chain management. It has launched in 1977 and today it have 2500 local independence owned stores across the UK. It deliver consumer food and other products in the UK and meet customer expectation in an effective ways. The main objective of this cited firm is to deliver high standard product to right customer at the right time thus it formed various supply chain management strategies.

For the Nisa retailing company purchasing and supply activities play a very crucial role because only through these activities, corporation can gain effective success and growth in the competitive market. The entire benefit and success of organisation is largely depends upon purchasing function. As purchasing involves determining the requirements, obtaining the proper product, material, supplies and services in the right quality and right quantity, at the right place and time (Papadopoulos, and 2017). If company provides effective purchasing to customer then it directly posstively affect its revenue. In the context of supermarket retailer, purchasing function play a very significant role because with help of this function corporation can ensure that equipment, material, supplies and services are provided at the lowest cost commensurate to standard of quality and delivery. With help of purchasing, cited venture can minimise loss arising from duplication, waste, deterioration. It helps in keeping under purchasing polices, procedure and tactics that will make the above laudable objective. From retailer point of view, purchasing assists in maximise contribution to the competitiveness, profitability and earn market share by delivery right quality and quantity of product and services. On the other hand supply also play a very crucial role in the retailing business. With the help of effective supply function, Nisa can able to meet the actual needs and requirement of customers. It helps in reducing thereby making products readily accessible to the customers. It helps in boost customer satisfaction, if the quality is maintained throughout (Dubey and, 2017). The major role of supply chain in the retailing business is that it aids in providing the services directly to clients thus it maintains the client relationship in the market.

The purchasing and supply chain management in the Nisa can largely affect by various components like plan, source, make, deliver, return, communication etc. Nisa requires a strategy on how to manage the resources in order to achieve their customer demand for their product and services. While cited firm operate supply chain management then it requires a systematic planning and strategy to monitor supply chain so that it can deliver high quality and value to customer. One another major factor of supply chain management is source because to create the product and services, company requires a sufficient quantity of sources. With help of high quality and sufficient quantity of sources, company can deliver effective services and customer satisfaction. One another major component is communication which helps the entire supply chain  improve members to share the same demand and operational information. With help of effective communication, supplier can easily understand the actual demand and solve the queries of customer (Pérez, Camargo, Rincón and Marchant, 2017). Proper management is another major component of the supply chain management. In order to manage effective supply and purchasing program, company requires a very systematic management function under which all process and activities are systematically managed. Management plays a very crucial role in the supply chain through which each activities  are systematically attained its outcomes. If there is improper arrangement of management then it directly negatively affect  profitability and company goodwill in t


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