Strategic Human resource management is considered as one of the most crucial factor of business which either make or break brand name of company at marketplace. In this regard, HR managers perform various responsibilities such as introducing eligible candidates within business, provide appropriate organisational culture, framing policies and strategies, etc. This would aid to enterprise to gain high retention of workers and their contribution in getting success of business (Luthans and Doh, 2018). This assignment is based on a case study of Universities of UK where educational institutions have faced various problems related to decrease rate of domestic and abroad students. Therefore, discussion is made on significant issues with some HR policies to overcome from the same. Furthermore, barriers are also highlighted which may come during implementation of such policies in universities.

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Significance of current key issues

In today's modern world, it has been analysed that every organisation whether dealing in service, retail, manufacturing or even educational industry, looks forward to introduce effective human resource management. This would help in running business more successfully as well as aid to hit targets in efficient manner (Lecuona and Reitzig, 2014). Generally companies dealing international level needs to have effective HR managers who builds appropriate policies for high profitability and gain competitive advantages as well. But in context with educational sector, universities looks forwards to enhance student base by seeking admission of domestic and abroad scholars. As per current scenario, in UK, educational institutions and universities are facing lots of issues related to potential loss of student numbers. According to Banfield, Kay and Royles (2018), it has evaluated that this country pays highest level of tuition in the industrialised world. But due to plethora of governmental reports, news headlines and concern of employer about quality of graduate students, confidence in education standard and morale of educators has fallen. Along with this, students and their parents also think twice about spending money for admission in universities because educational providers fails to give guarantee about promising career. The two main reasons related to this issue are- hike in educational fees and not getting desired employment after graduation.

As per UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) admission figures, due to rise in students fees which is near about hike to 8% in 2013 as compared to last year, approximate 13,000 applications are decreased from both UK and abroad universities. Due to continuously risen in fees, it has also identified that in 2016, the number of student who have applied for admission in universities are fallen by 4% i.e. more than 25,000. Along with this, the number of EU students who plan to study in UK have also reduced to 5%. The another reason behind the same is clamping down the educational visa by UK Boarder Agency (UKBA). This kind of visa is provided to students for go for study in another country in legal manner. But in 2012 it has identified that London Metropolitan University has lost its license to give admission to overseas students. This has caused a sharp fall in number of foreign students. The reason behind cancellation of license of this university was checking process of overseas students which is not done in appropriate manner.

Similarly, there are many factors highlighted in case study which shows various reasons behind decreasing rate of applicants in universities. One of them is low standards of educational institutions where students are treated as consumers for earning profitability (Bal and De Lange, 2015). Universities ad colleges are compete with each each other to enhance their student numbers. Educational providers are concerned on assessment more instead of education. As assessment and education both are important for shaping future of students but in terms of qualifications, products is considered the level of knowledge, journey doesn't matter. In context with students, they also get obsessed when not getting fair result after a hard work. Along with this, rules and regulations of universities that concerns on marking assessment rather than on hard work of students also pressurise students. They are force to rote-learn the entire contents for final exams of a three-year degree course without understanding it. Therefore, educational providers also not much concern on giving lectures appropriately. In this regard, students tends towards websites to gain knowledge about subjects where all kinds of sources available on related topic. But another problem they have faced it to detect relevant and reliable information from thousands of pages on internet sources. This would also seems a battle for students which puts extra pressure on them to make notes. As coursework is considered as invaluable part of knowledge. Therefore, not getting proper notes impact on learning process of academics which would  lead to arise stressful conditions of students.

According to BBC report on Teaching Excellent Framework (TEF), it has evaluated that leading universities of UK have failed to gain position of high degree teaching standards. This TEF program is focused on teaching pattern of tutors and outcomes for students (Al Ariss, Cascio and Paauwe, 2014). Therefore, as per this report, universities of UK need to make much improvement in its educational system.

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