Importance of Quality Management


Looking at the present market circumstances customers are highly concerned about the quality of products and services. Particularly, hospitality industry is a sector in which leisure and comfort ability is given the major priority (McAdam, 2007). Thus, companies operating in should focus on providing quality of services to its customer so that their experience can be enhanced and firm can develop long term relationship. In the present report, Rose & Crown Hotel has considered which is located in outskirts of a city in the Midlands. Major target audience for hotel is mixture of corporate guests during the week and leisure guests at the weekends. Hence, standard of quality is always the major concern for both the category of customer's. Further, researcher illustrates the importance of quality management in order to overcome several internal issues within the Hotel. Further, different organisation has been selected for given situation to enhance the understanding of learners and readers.

Task 1

1.1 Considering the present situation of Rose and Crown Hotel it is essential for the management to understand the concept of quality in terms of business and service provisions. The main purpose behind providing quality of services is that it helps in generating business growth opportunities as well as enhances the leisure for the end users (Groenenboom and Jones, 2003). Quality is one then most important aspect in terms of enhancing the level of business operations and assist in attaining desired success. However, in context to business and service provisions, quality is the biggest tool through the means of which higher satisfaction level of customer's can be achieved. Thus, it is essential for senior authority of Rose and Crown Hotel to ensure quality at each level of business enterprise so that customer needs can be assessed appropriately and addressed in more effective manner. Further, as per the view of Juran, Fitness for use is important aspect for the maintaining the quality of cited hotel. However, by the means of this approach senior authority of Rose and Crown Hotel should undertake two dimensional model of quality which consist of “Must-be Quality” and “Attractive Quality”. Through the means of this, managers can ensure that the offerings are of high quality which are attractive in satisfying the quality standards of the customers. In this regard, Abel, Buff and Neill (2013) illustrate that, quality referred to key element which an entrepreneur or company has to focus on while designing a product or offering services to the clients. In addition to this, value for money is another important aspect in delivering the quality. It is because, management has to ensure that the deliverables are of higher value against the money invested by customer. However, ensuring this will assist in providing value for money services to the customers during their stay at Rose and Crown Hotel.

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1.2 Quality control and quality standards play significant role in inspection and assurance processes of Rose and Crown Hotel. Currently company is facing several internal issues which are affecting the course of company adversely (Hensley, 2011). Thus, it is important for the management to focus on suitable quality control and appropriate quality standards so that operations of cited firm can be carried out in the best possible manner. In addition to this, in order to ensure quality control, management of Rose and Crown Hotel has to consider its certain elements which are as follows:

  • Incoming quality control (IQC)
  • In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)
  • Outgoing Quality Assurance (QQA)

Through the help of above quality control, managers of Rose & Crown Hotel can easily inspect the functioning of business and overcome the issues like ineffective communication, career development opportunities and through the help of this easily carry out effective decision. Along with this, top level management of Rose and Crown Hotel can use ISO 9001:2015 standard of quality as it sets out the criteria for a quality management system. Rationale behind using this system is that it consist of several quality management principles that are: strong customer focus, motivation and implication of top management and the process approach and continual improvement. Therefore, with the help of this, senior authority of cited frim can enhance the level of quality control and quality standards effectively.

In addition to this, European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model can be employed by the hotel in order to ensure better quality control. The main purpose behind using this model is that it is a self-assessment framework for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation within each aspect. Whereas, through the help of excellence model management can ensure in providing quality of services to its customers, services users and stakeholders.

In context to quality standards, Rose & Crown Hotel has to comply various standards so that quality within hotel can be measured effectively (Vauterin, 2011). However, management has to ensure quality at the time of purchasing raw materials, ensuring hygiene at the time of meal production. Along with this, indulging the latest technological aspects for betterment of operations can help in meeting the standard of quality within hotel industry.

1.3 There are several approaches through the help of which quality management of Rose & Crown Hotel can be improved. However, quality management play vital role in the successful run of business enterprise. These approaches include TQM, Six Sigma, and Quality circle etc.Total Quality management can be defined as the approaches in which management of the firm seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response the continuous feedbacks. The main purpose of this approach is to focus on different aspects of business and enhance their quality by employing proper monitoring (Lagrosen, Bäckström and Wiklund, 2012). TQM is a customer centric approach that helps in defining the needs and wants of service users and moulds the functioning of the Rose & Crown Hotel accordingly so that they can generate desired results and outcomes. Applying this within the operations will assist the top level management of hotel to integrate system and communicate appropriately, ensures the functioning to be process centred so that unexpected variations can be resolved in the best possible manner. Further, this method helps management in focusing on continual improvement within the operations so that loopholes and obstacles can be addressed appropriately.

While on the other hand, six sigma is the data driven approach that helps in eliminating defects from manufacturing to transactional and from product to services. By the means of this approach, managerial level people of Rose & Crown Hotel can easily define, measure, analyse, improve and control the problems and issues (Cronholm and Salomonson, 2014). The main benefit of using this approach can be seen in the communication process of the hotel as they improve significantly by the means of the method.

Lastly, quality circle is considered as the suitable tool which focuses on improving the level of quality management activities within the organisation. However, under this group people are assigned to meet the expectations of quality standard in reliable manner. Further, monitoring of each activities is carried out on routine basis so that risks and uncertainties can identified and potential measures can be implemented.

Furthermore, the approaches defined by Deming, Juran and Crosby can be used by the top level management of Rose and Crown Hotel in order to enhance the level of quality within the services offered to the customers. However, as per the view of point of Deming, cited firm should focus on total quality management. It is the duty of senior managers to design quality products and services that customers and the similarly develop the processes and systems that can reduce the waste and increase the quality of the offered services.

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While Juran focused on three vital prospects of quality that consist of planning, control and improvement. Herein, Rose and Crown hotel management should undertakes quality planning because it will help in building an awareness of the need to improve and accordingly defining the goals. Whereas, quality control will assist in developing the ways of testing the efficiency and effectiveness of the services designed to offer to the customers of cited hotel. Lastly, constantly focusing on improvements will lead to develop the environment of quality within the hotel which leads to enhance customer satisfaction.

However, according to Crosby, there are four absolutes of quality management which are essential for the cited firm for conformity that are: quality is defined as the assurance to standards, developing system for quality preventions etc. Henceforth, through the means of all these approaches top level management of Rose and Crown Hotel can easily enhance the quality standard and generate desired results and outcomes in near future.

1.4 All the techniques of quality management have different impact on the functioning of business. However, in the context they differ from one another but are time tested tools to enhance the quality of products and services.


Six Sigma

TQM delivers superior quality of goods Six sigma generate desired results
TQM involves designing and developing of new systems and processes and ensures effective coordination amount various departments (Bell and et. al, 2005). Six sigma is considered as the newer concept than the TQM but not exactly the replacement.
The basics of both the approaches differs from one another as they are quality improvement system and attempts to reduce the defective process and poor services within the organisation while enhancing the customer satisfaction

Six Sigma incorporates many small changes in the system to ensure appropriate results and better customer satisfaction (Wang, 2012).

Task 2

2.1 In general, customer satisfaction is the biggest tool through the means of which companies irrespective to their sector can attain desired growth and sustainability. Operating in Hospitality industry it becomes more crucial for the management of Rose and Crown Hotel to make sure that they offer improved quality of services in order to attain customer satisfaction (Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons, 2000). For the cited firm, customer satisfaction can be rate at which they are attracting repeat customers in the hotel. However, in regard to enhance the level of customer satisfaction it is essential for the top level management to enhance the skills and abilities of employees so that they can provide quality of services to customers and enhance the experience of staying at hotel. Furthermore, advantage of improved customer satisfaction will assist in making the point of differentiation for the Rose and Crown Hotel from its rivals. Along with thus, attaining customer satisfaction leads to reduce negative word of mouth from the service users. While on the other hand, higher customer satisfaction will lead to increase pressure on the employees and of they are unable to deliver what is expected from them than it could affect the functioning of cited hotel negatively. Along with this, customer satisfaction leads to enhance the expectations of customers and if hotel is unable to deliver the services than it will encourage customers to switch to another hotel. Henceforth, it is important for cited firm to enhance the level of customer satisfaction so that it can attain growth and long term sustainability in highly competitive market.

2.2 Looking at the present condition of the market, constant improvement has become the integral part of the firm. However, it is one of the major aspect in the functioning of business and make direct positive impact on the achievement of corporate aim and objectives (Bashouri, 2014). Operating in hotel industry it is necessary for the top level management of Rose and Crown Hotel to focus on constant improvement because through the help of this only hotel can meet changing needs and wants of customers. With constantly changing environment and trends it has become essential for the small scale hotels to modify their services and offerings so that they can retain existing and attract new customers as well as maintain their position in such competitive environment. There are several benefits that cited hotel can attain through continuous improvements:

  • Satisfying the changing needs and wants of customers effectively.
  • Maintaining competitive edge within the target market.
  • Attracting larger pool of audience
  • Enhance market share.
  • Betterment of internal and external functioning of business,
  • Meeting the expectations of associated stakeholders.

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2.3 Looking at the present functioning of Rose and Crown Hotel, firm is facing several internal issues which are affecting the entire course of business operation and creating hindrance in achieving desired results and outcomes. The term, value added can be defined as the method in which service providing firm little extra to the customers at the same price. Furthermore, through the help of continuous improvement, hotel enhance its working environment as well as employees can be motivated as well as encouraged to provide quality of services to the customers and attain higher level of satisfaction (Rothstein and Burke, 2010). Through the means of cited hotel can easily raise benefits for the customers, minimize the costs, reduce waste and saves the time of delivery. Apart from this, it can add value by allocating the available resources in the best suitable manner and help in minimizing the additional costs for attaining customer satisfaction. Most importantly, constant improvement helps in bringing change or modifications within the cited Hotel in any situation and can lead to generate desired positive outcomes.

2.4 Customers are the one who are responsible for the successful run of business enterprise. Thus, it is essential for the senior management of Rose and Crown Hotel to provide accurate and detailed information all the customers so that loyalty factor can be achieved. However, it is the duty of marketing manager to make sure that he/she undertakes the suitable and reliable approaches through the help of which large number of audience can be targeted and wide range of accurate information can be presented to the people so that they can be influenced fairly to acquire the services of Rose and Crown Hotel (Wiele, 2006). In addition to it, with trends of marketing, manager of Hotel should use both traditional and social media marketing in order to share correct information to the target market and generate demand for the services. Thus, it can lead to generate demand for the services of hotel and help in achieving long term growth and sustainability.


In conclusion to the above report it has been evaluated that, quality management play crucial role for the companies operating in hospitality sector. However, researcher has focused on three different organisations within the report and all of them are recommended to indulge quality management within their strategic approach so that desired quality of services can be improved and customer satisfaction can be achieved.


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