Core concepts of marketing for travel and tourism sector environment


Marketing has been termed as a wide term and the activity is important for every sector. It is the activity in which company delivers quality products and services to its customers. This activity helps the company to increase the sales and this thereby maximizes the profits. All the different practices in travel and tourism industry help the industry to get high customer satisfaction. Attributing from this, the subsequent research report aims to understand the core concept of marketing in the travel and tourism sector. In order to get high competitive advantage, it is required for the organization the industry to adopt differentiation in the marketing policies. In the case organization taken under the study is Easy Jet.

There are various practices in marketing activities that helps an organization to get information about the market terms and conditions and also about its competitors in the sector. With the help of marketing plan Easy Jet can frame effective strategies so that to create an edge over its competitors. Easy Jet is a British airway it carries number of passengers in domestic and international scheduled services. It is listed on the London stock exchange. Easy Jet has seen rapid expansion since its establishment in 1995, having grown through a combination of acquisitions.

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Easy Jet airlines were featured in the television series Airline broadcast on ITV which followed the airline's operations at London Luton and later at other bases. The company has adopted the model of cost cutting by providing complimentary services to its customers. The key points of this business model are high aircraft utilisation, quick turnaround times, charging for extras (such as priority boarding, hold baggage and food) and keeping operating costs low. In recent years the airline has adopted high committed approach, with the strategy in place to accommodate union. Easy Jet's employment strategy was to maintain control with minimal union involvement.

Concept And Principles Of Marketing In Travel And Tourism Sector

In order to satisfy or fulfil the needs and demands of the customers, the process of, marketing is required and the process ends when it gets customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty. It is required for the manufacturer to provide essential and good quality services to its customer so that to build up the brand image of the company. Before initiating with the process of marketing, it is required for the manufacturer to identify the trends and needs of the customers so that to bring quality services in the market. Before making any transaction, it is required to evaluate the usefulness of the product (Wyludda, 2009).

Easy Jet started delivering good and efficient services to its customers according to the requirements. The company from many years has been providing efficient and effective services to its customers. The customers of Easy Jet are not bothered to visit different places for booking of tickets; the company has been providing such services to its customers. There are various beneficial services that company is providing to its customers such as accommodation to different hotels, discount facilities on tickets and many more.

On the other side the business of any industry gets affected by various factors of environment such as macro and micro factors. These are the internal as well as external factors of environment that affects the internal operations and functions. This also leads to certain issues in Easy Jet. It has been observed that Easy Jet reduces its prices at the time of recession so that to build a position in the market. The effect of price war leads to huge competition as changes in oil prices affects the costs. At the time of recession, the purchasing power of the people reduces and this thereby affects the demand of tourism.

As it can be seen that, all the companies are now able to cope up with the technological aspects and this is the main reason that increases competition in the market. With the help of more innovation in the technology, customers now can compare the prices of tickets of different companies.

Factors affecting consumer motivation and demand in travel and tourism sector

In order to motivate the customers, it is required for the Easy Jet to bring effective and innovative services in the market so that the customers can get motivation. Motivation is the factor that changes the mindset of the customers. In ever industry, motivation is required so that to bring efficiency in the services and as a result this will motivate the customers to take services from the industry. Consumer behavior is the utmost factor that affects the industry also. There are such other factors like as the income and salary, flow of money in the economy and latest technology. The low purchasing power of the consumer reduces the demand for traveling. At that time people will be spending much of their income in necessities.

Different companies have adopted different strategies according to the technological advancements. People are getting latest and different information about the companies by online so this reduces the opportunities for tourism. Most affecting factor is the flow of money in the economy as less purchasing power of the customers reduces their demand in tourism sector. Competition has been increasing at a wider scale, so in order to increase the customer base there are various companies that provides discounts. Effective and quality services can help Easy Jet to retain potential customers and this also attracts new customers. The main aim of the travel and tourism industry is to provide leisure and relaxation services to the customers so that they can enjoy and this will also help Easy Jet to maintain relationships with the customers.

Market segmentation is the bifurcating process by which the company divides the market in targeted area. It is the concept that separates the market with all that customers that have same taste and habits. Easy Jet can segment the market on the basis of geographical distances, demographics and on the basis of psychographics. In geographical segmentation, the market can be divided according to the customers in different regions, states and nations. The market then further is segmented as tourists’ resorts or places and commercial or business centers.

Demographic segmentation of market is based on age groups, income level and gender wise. With the help of demographic segmentation, market can be segmented easily and needs and preferences of customers can be identified. Psychographic segmentation is based on identifying the social class and lifestyle of customers and then further it separates the market.

The main principles of market segmentation are as follows:

  • Satisfy customers’ needs and demands
  • Increase market share
  • Retention of customers (Wyludda, 2009).
  • Increase the profit share
  • Determination of segments in advance
  • Create detailed categories (Vignali, 2001).
  • Post consistently

The above mentioned principles will help Easy Jet to carry out the process of marketing planning. The strategic objectives of Easy Jet can be achieved with the help of these principles. As the principles helps the company to conduct market research so it can be said that it can easily identifies the availability of competition in the market. The principles can help Easy Jet to achieve the strategic objectives and also to frame suitable policies. This also helps to identify the availability of alternatives.

Role Of Marketing As Management In Tool In Travel And Tourism

Strategic marketing is an activity that will help Easy Jet to take better marketing decisions and here are some of the importances of strategic marketing planning:

  • Planning for survival
  • Better ad effective decisions
  • High customer satisfaction
  • High morale and fewer disputes
  • High productivity

It is the activity that ensures the organization to reduce the wastages of resources. The most common issue is that generally the companies are not able to cope up with the environmental changes. The strengths and weakness of the company can be identified with the help of strategic planning. Effective strategic planning will help the company to get high competitive advantage and by this the objectives and aims can be achieved. With the help of strategic planning, the productivity of Easy Jet can be improved.

In order to place the product successfully in the market, it is required for Easy Jet airlines to make plans about the ways in which the terms and conditions of the market can be analyzed. Strategic planning would help Easy Jet airlines to develop vision and mission of the organization so that to make appropriate portfolio. The business is required to adopt changes so that to create an edge over the competitors. The process of strategic planning would help Easy Jet to evaluate the performance of its employees so that to provide effective services to the customers .

The process of market research is required for each and every industry so that to get suitable and required information about the market circumstances and about the competitors. With the help of effective market research, the current trends, habits and needs of the customers can be identified. Various techniques can be used by Easy Jet so that to identify the policies and strategies of its competitors. Being a fast growing industry, it is required for Easy Jet to analyze the policies and strategies of competitors so that to capture the whole market.

The manager of Easy Jet is required to get information about the technological aspects so that to make appropriate changes in the strategies. The opportunities for development and growth can be increased by gathering essential information from the market research. The customers can only get attracted when Easy Jet will implement effective change in the policies. The main aim of market research is competitor’s analysis so this would help Easy Jet to get high competitive advantage (Vignali, 2001). There are number of advantages of market research as this develops the growth opportunities of business. The development of the business depends upon how much the business of an organization considers the interest of the society. In order to get customer loyalty, it is required for market researcher to deliver effective services to its customers .

Concept Of ‘Marketing Mix’ And ‘Total Tourism Product’

The process of marketing mix is to collect and mix the resources of marketing in such a manner so that the goals and objectives can be achieved and this will also help Easy Jet airlines to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers. There are various principles in the marketing mix that can assist Easy Jet airlines to achieve the targets. The principles are controllable variables, which have to be carefully managed and must meet the needs of defined target group. In addition to this, there are 7P’s in the marketing mix that includes product, price, place, promotion, people, physical environment and process.

Product is the main element that that connects the manufacture with the customers. Price is charged so that to exchange money into services. Place is the evidence or the location of the businessman establishes its business. People are considered as the personnel members that provide effective services to the customers. Physical environment is an affecting factor that affects the marketing as well as business decisions of Easy Jet airlines. These are the extended marketing mix but the major dimensions of tourist industry are as follows:

Product: The core services offered by Easy Jet airlines are concerned with airlines and hospitality. It is required for Easy Jet airlines to facilitate effective services such as comfortable seats, clean environment and proper facilities of meals. Services in tourism industry are highly competitive (Wyludda, 2009).

Physical environment: The physical environment includes the location where the businessman establishes the business. Certain issues must be considered while selecting the location and some are as under:

  • Well developed surroundings
  • Proximity to travel points
  • Requirement of enough space
  • Availability of quality roads and communication facilities

Pricing: Pricing decisions are very complex as numbers of tangible and intangible services are involved in a single element.

Promotion: The industries in tourism sector do not pay much attention on promotional strategies. There are various companies that directly come in contact with the customers. The focus is largely on attracting the market to the industry through communication campaigns. In order to create demand, Easy Jet airlines have used direct marketing and their prominent mediators are travel agents and tour operators .

Promotional mix is the combination of several promotional tools such as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and sponsorship techniques. These techniques can be used by Easy Jet airlines so that to build a position in the market. Promotion mix is the name given to the combination of methods used in communicating with customers. Sales promotion involves paid marketing communication activities that are intended to stimulate consumer purchases and dealer effectiveness. Direct marketing is the effective and powerful medium that maintains effective relationships. The market circumstances of Easy Jet airlines can be changed with corporate identity. Corporate identity has the only power that influences the mindsets of the people (Jauhari, 2009).

Changes in the technological aspects, changes the marketing communication programs of Easy Jet airlines. The high contact nature of services and resultant interactions between service providers and customers make personal selling very effective and important as a communication tool. Promotional elements are essential as they increase the effectiveness of the services. It is the activity that differentiates the company from its competitors .

Importance of integrated promotional campaign

Marketing camps and campaigns are useful so that to promote the product in the market and also to get high benefits by having high sales. Here are the importances of integrated promotional campaigns:

  • More contact with the customers
  • High use of specialized media
  • Widespread the use of internet

It has been observed that in order to get to the desired outcomes, generally companies organizes various events and marketing campaigns so that to attract large number of customers. These promotional campaigns should be organized in attractive manner so that large number of people can approach them (Acton, 2012). It is required for Easy Jet airlines to organize such campaigns so that it could be easy for them to provide the offers and information about the services to its customers. There are number of advantages that Easy Jet airlines can get from promotional camps as this would help the company to generate revenues. This is beneficial for the companies as opinions and the advices can be collected about much people are ready to pay for tourism. By this, the company can get competitive advantage as well.


Summing up the entire report, it can be concluded that there are various factors that affects the demand and supply for tourism. Competition is very high in tourism sector as there are number of companies that are providing effective and efficient services. Moreover, there are various principles of marketing that can be applied in the business so that to increase the demand for tourism. All and all it can be concluded that it is necessary for Easy Jet airlines to consider the interest of the society.

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