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Sustainable tourism development focuses on carrying out travel activities by ensuring protection of tourism sites. It will support in ensuring that future generations will enjoy the travel experience. Present report describes about benefits to stakeholders by tourism development activities (Becker, 2016). In addition to this advantages and disadvantages of public and private sector tourism sector planning partnership has been explained in the report. Moreover methods of resolving conflicts of interest for ensuring well-being of future to develop sustainable tourism development has been explained in the report.

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Planning of tourism development benefits for stakeholders

Sustainable tourism development remains development criteria for tourism at large scale. To understand sustainable tourism development it is necessary to understand key stakeholders in this process. Stakeholder refers as a person, group or any entity possesses interest in organisation like; creditors, directors, government and its agencies, shareholders, unions or community through which business draws it stock (Brandon-Jones, Lewis and Walsman, 2016). This study focuses on significance of our tourism industry names “Philippines tourism industry” which provides facilities to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as benefits for  her visits. I am team member of Philippines Tourism Development team presenting report on development benefits provided by our tourism industry to president Arroya, can expresses as:-

Cultural empowerment and cultural exchanges:- Culture varies places to place. Our tourism industry provides facility to Arroya about cultural changes and provides knowledge about our different culture from their comfort zone environment. Arroya gets interesting with new culture and enjoys very much. The achievement of such visits based on our tourism industry to provide positive environment and facilities according to her willingness.

Generate positive impact on economy:- It is important to focus on economy during tourism. It considered beneficial for both our our tourism and arroya too. It creates positive and economic atmosphere for both sided. Stakeholder feels great in economic terms (Buckley,  2012). Our tourism industry conduct positive attitude towards economy for her and also it is beneficial for us financially.

Effective strategic planning:- Strategic planning considers as perfect management activity presence useful for setting priorities, increases strength. It is also beneficial to ensuring that our team and stakeholder work towards mutual target (Crouch, 2012). That's why to make it effective and efficient, Philippines tourism development plays great role role for planning in strategic way effectively and efficiently.

Awareness of responsibility:- It is necessary to get believe of stakeholder on tourism development industry. Our tourism is helpful to maintain this trust for visiting. Its is our duty to be aware about visitors' safety, safe and happy traveling and all. Philippines tourism development creates awareness of accountability of stakeholder's visiting, so that Arroya can enjoy visit safely and happily.

Create friendly and positive environment:- Philippines tourism industry is helpful to provide positive and happy environment to Arroya. It plays great role to make comfort and friendly, understanding environment to our visitors (Dupeyras. and MacCallum, 2013). We facilitate all kinds of facilities to make environment according to tourist and gives knowledge and proper guidelines about Philippines on behalf of environment happy and peaceful.

Global mobility of technology:- It considers that global mobility of techniques is an assignment of our task to facilitate facilities about Philippines to tourist. Technology presence globally, it worldwide. Different kinds of technologies presence at different places so it is responsibility of our industry to provide benefits of mobility of technology related to Philippines to Arroya effectively.

Innovation in peripheral regions:- Nowadays, innovation refers as a policy priority to service development, initiate production. It researches to extent in which our tourism industry innovate peripheral regions of Philippines which is beneficial to tourist like Arroya. Therefore, above mentioned terms are beneficial for Arroya in effective manner provides satisfactory and peaceful response to both Arroya and Philippines tourist development.


Advantages and disadvantages of public/private sector tourism planning partnerships

Public sector tourism industry functions and sustains development in which government sets up the legal, policy and institutional structure of tourism while in private sector tourism, industry itself initiate tourism to improve its environmental, cultural, social and economic profile to sustain tourism development (Evans. and, 2012). If both of the sectors willing plans to get benefits together on sustainable tourism then it becomes task to manage tourism for both sectors together. Although it remains, also possesses some advantages and disadvantages can be explain as;-


There are some characteristics of public private sector partnership tourism can shows as:-

Wide support:- Public/private sector tourism together creates support in wide range. Both industries manage their level and behavior to each other. It creates friendly environment and develop communication, familiarity for both parties.

Increases cost calculations:- Due to public and private sector comparative, cost results in improvement for tourism. PFI believe that both sectors possess good PFI. So, quality of investment and achievement remains profitable for all both parties which is also profitable for Philippines tourism development (Getz, 2013).

Risk transfer:- Risk remains manageable for both parties due to supportive, positive and friendly environment of tourists. The responsibility of our tourist industry remains less than to be focus on only sector's tourists.

Output based specification:- Results considers as product of our service. Thus, conclusion of togetherness of both sectors specifies positive outcome. Specialty of the task concludes as outputs that permits innovation to take place.

Reduction on the public treasury:- Thus, Infrastructure development creates due to public private partnership which is beneficial for reduction on the public treasury (Ghimire,  2013). It results more freedom to government to spend on other non-monetary investments in the short term.


Above mentioned advantages are useful to manage both sectors equally but due to some circumstances also occurs some problems of mismanagement and imbalance of both sectors' can express as:-

Insecurity:- When both public and private sectors take advantage of tourism then it occurs problem of insecurity as lack of cooperation, lack of efficiency gains and other extra things. So, it creates risk that the management efforts on each side will be frustrated and insecurity occurs.

Hold up problem:-The main disadvantage of public-private sector is presence of hold up problem, at where a group of sector may be enforce a new cost revenue ratio than previous agreed upon (Hall, 2013).

Short term digitizes:- There is a possibility to create any durable connection of stability and lower the changeable of workers. The flexibility occurs problem of unsuitability and irresponsibility to accept dynamic conditions.

Public sector staff concern:- If public and private sector take advantage of tourism together then partnership seems to replace public facility, this concludes concern about public staff sector terms and conditions (Hudson. and Thal, 2013). This fears to partiality and remains privacy to publicity.

Higher transaction cost:- As public sector's tourism costs lower than private sector's tourism cost then there remains occurrence of imbalance in transaction costs. So, this is disadvantage of public-private sector tourism together.

Therefore, though it considers that public private tourism partnership management is key element to manage together. It possesses advantages as well disadvantages for Philippines tourism development.  Proper management at this time is necessary for tourism to balance both sectors effectively.

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Sustainable tourism is defined as activity involved in which tourists visits diverse places for gaining enjoyment, leisure and relaxation and business purpose. Under sustainable tourism major importance is given to tourism activities that gives a positive impact on the environment, local community and economy (John. and Susan, 2015). It becomes accountability and responsibility of tourists to take significant initiatives for not harming the local environment. Various activities are involved in tourism that consist transportation, travel. Leisure and entertainment. Concept of sustainable tourism is gaining wide approach and diverse range of nations across world are adopting this concept.

Various kinds of social and economic aspects are also related to sustainable tourism and it is vital that all the individuals involved in tourism activities should respect local culture and traditions that are followed by people in local community area. As per the definition given by World travel and tourism council (WTTC) sustainable tourism supports in development and growth of local community area. Preservation of local environment and culture is given more importance under sustainable and tourism and major focus is given on developing new strategies for [protecting tourism destination sites.

According to principles of sustainable development 1995 there are three major parts for discussions and it involves precautionary principles, environmental impact assessment and sustainable development. Government of Philippine also gave concern for making improvements in tourism destination of the nation so that a better and effective visit experience is provided to all the travelers (Lee. and, 2013). President of country has taken significant initiatives for visiting selected tourism destinations of the world. Tourism destination planning supports in regulating overall tourism activities of Philippines. It will supports in making effective strategies and action plans that will aid in protecting the environment and heritage sites. Moreover domestic and international visitors can be provided with a better travel experience. There are various types of resources that are needed for operating desired activities in travel industry and by doing appropriate planning optimum allocation and utilization of resources can also be made possible. There is need to make changes and modification in infrastructure of Philippines tourism industry and by making an proper action plan significant initiatives can be taken for developing infrastructure of tourism industry. In addition to this there is need to formulates policies which will include set of laws, regulations and different kinds of guidelines for operating the activities in tourism sector (Mariani. and, 2014). Planning is needed to be done at national level and international level and it is required that state should take crucial steps for achieving this objective.


Interactive planning process is defined as procedures used for making strategies that meets demand of present by ensure better way for future. In this past, present and future all are considered for making a better action plan and it also supports in protecting the resources so that future generation can make use of it. Interactive planning process is a continuous process and it is vital that continuous improvements should be made under it so that better experience should be provided to visitors. Under this strategies will be formulated for segmenting the market for targeting specific group of consumers. It is difficult to regulate operational activities of travel industry and for accomplishing this goal it is required that appropriate strategies will be formulated for achieving this plan (Mok, Sparks. and Kadampully, 2013). Strategies and action plans formed by government supports in implementing them in organized manner. When interactive plans are made specific objectives are set and time deadlines are also set for meeting those objectives.

While making interactive plans the influence of tourism activities on society, environment and culture will be assessed so that better plans should be formed. Philippine government can make use of interactive planning system for regulating and controlling the activities of travel sector. Under interactive planning at initial level marketing research will be conducted for assessing requirement of visitors. Investigation of market structure will also be done for targeting consumers and finding various tourism destinations that can be improved for enhancing growth of tourism sector. Survey and research conducted will support in formulating effective strategies and policies for development of tourism destinations in nation. Plans can also be made for informing visitors about various tourism destinations and services provided at tourism sites and it will support in rendering better travel services to people that makes use of services provided by Philippine government (Navickas. and Malakauskaite, 2015). Making use of interactive planning system will support in developing various tourism destination sites and providing better safety and security to the visitors. Other facilities can also be planned in effective mode and resources and funds of government can also be utilized in optimum manner.


There are different methods that can be used for measuring impact of tourists in Philippine and government of state can make use of all this methods for developing the travel industry of the nation. Tourism activities gives impact on various areas and they are as described

Social impact – Social impact of tourism can be identified by conducting a survey and taking feedback's from people about diverse range of services provided by them. In addition to this evaluation and feedback form can also be provided to travelers who come in the nation for exploring various tourism destination sites and it will support in identifying impact of tourism on various social measures (Page, 2014). The influence will be observed in qualitative nature and moreover theoretical reports will be published which will support in identifying impact of tourism on local community and the society.

Economic impact - Tourism activities supports in enhancing growth and financial revenue of tourism sector and due to it funds are gained by government. GDP rate increases and due to it it supports in making developments in economic infrastructure of the nation. Economical records and reports will supports in assessing revenues provided by tourism sector and due to that it will also be analyzed that what impacts have been given by travel activities on tourism sector.

Environmental impact - Organizations that deals in measuring impact of tourism on environment can provide data and information that will be required for assessing the affect of tourism on the environment. Negative impact can be reduced by making appropriate strategies that will support in reducing the negative influence of tourism industry on the nation (Prebežac. and, 2016). In addition to this use of EIA can also be taken for finding out the impact of tourism on the local environment. EIA is a procedure which is known as environmental impact assessment and it assist in identifying impact of tourism sector.



Sustainability is a concept which is gaining huge responses and popularity and due to that many nations are creating needs for adopting this approach. Philippines sustainable tourism development focuses on making improvements in existing cultural sites so that they can be preserved for future generations. There are diverse challenges that are faced by government of nation for maintaining sustainable tourism in the country. Tourism is activity which supports in growth, development and poverty reduction objectives of the nation. Development plans are been made by the government for enhancing success of the tourism sector. It is vital to involve local people to participate in activities that are related to sustainable tourism. Involvement of individuals belonging from local community area is vital for ensuring growth and development of tourism sector (Prebežac, Schott. and Sheldon, eds., 2016). Natural environment changes on a continuous basis and it is required that policies should be formulated by government for conservation and protection of the natural environment. Reforestation is activity which supports in preserving existing resources and bringing positive changes in local environment. There are attractive marine areas and dive sites and in addition to this forest reserves and national parks are also needs to be protected for developing sustainable development in Philippines. Pollution and waste thrown at beaches, parks and other cultural sites creates threats for maintaining sustainable development at these sites.


There are many factors which affects the sustainable tourism development in Philippines and it is vital to consider this factor for ensuring growth and success of this sector.

Pollution:- It is the major threat and it is vital to take significant initiatives for reducing the havoc of this element. Natural beauty of tourism sites such as beaches, land parks, forest reserves and other impelling tourism sites. Threat is created for protecting the sites so that future generations can also enjoy travel expenditures and it will support in growth of travel industry with sustainable development.

Price:- Due to increasing cost of raw material and other resources cost of diverse range of services including accommodations in hotels, transportation cost, expenses of food and travel companies are increasing that creates challenge for managing issues of sustainable development (Scott. and, 2015).

Protection and safety:- Cultural sites needs to be protected so that majority of people gets benefited from the travel services offered by the industry. In addition to this visitors also needs to be provided access to amenities in travel sector. Moreover it is also required that safety to visitors be delivered so that they can enjoy tourism activities in industry. Furthermore beauty of natural sites which will be protected supports in protecting the cultural sites of the nation.


Philippines government needs to adopt a systematic and organized approach for planning for sustainability and it is vital that proper plans should be made for getting sustainable development. Initial there is need for conducting market survey for assessing the needs and requirement of modification in making changes in tourism industry (Scott, Gössling. and Peeters, 2015). Analysis of internal and external factors will be done for making appropriate action plan for regulating activities of tourism industry. Strategies will be formed for achieving sustainable development in tourism sector.

Proper research and analysis will be conducted for identifying needs for improvement in travel and tourism sector. After collecting appropriate data and information actions plan will needs to be formulated and on the basis of that objectives, strategies and long term and short term goals will be set for implementing the plans that have been formed for gaining that objectives. Development plan will be formed and implemented by doing optimum allocation of resources. Implementation of plans and strategies will be monitored by government agencies so that proper actions can be taken for reducing the gaps that occur while implementing the plan.



Conflicts is defined as clashes of beliefs, attitudes and values due to which grievance and issues are created among two or more parties involved. Execution of desired operations becomes difficult and due to that it becomes difficult for successful completion of desired tasks on timely manner. It is critical that effective methods should be used for resolving conflict of interest for ensuring future well being of  sustainable tourism destinations (Spenceley, 2012). Philippines tourism, industry provides attractive tourism sites and it supports in providing employment opportunity for people residing in the nation. Various stakeholders that are involved in providing better services to people in travel industry includes local community people, tourism service provider firms, people working in tourism sector and government. There are various reason due to which clashes of issues occur and it becomes necessary that these conflicts should be resolved in appropriate manner. Various methods that can be used for solving issues in travel industry includes-

Conflicts between tourism service provider companies :- tourism industry is highest growing industry of the world and many companies are providing services in travel and tourism sector. Due to complexity and tough competition situations occur where clashes occur among various stakeholders. Method of arbitration and mediation can be adopted by involving a third party for resolving issues in appropriate manner. In addition to this local community people and government also comes in the category of significant stakeholders who sometimes gets involved in grievances and other issues that affects working of overall tourism industry (Standing. and, 2014). Use of collective bargaining process and negotiation procedure can also be taken for resolving the issues that occur between different stakeholders of business. Government and judicial system of the country can play a significant role in formulating effective policies and procedures that will support in solving the conflicts and other issues.


There are some significant implication of balancing supply and demand and it is vital that effective system should be developed for meeting the challenges that occur in travel and tourism sector (). It is vital to match demands and supply so that all the operational activities should be executed in successful manner. By matching total demands with the supply tourism sectors can reap various benefits.

Enhancement in tourism activities can be done and it will also support in enhancing financial revenues and profitability of the industry. Moreover better services and travel experiences can be provided to the visitors that comes for exploring the tourism destination sites of Philippines. Demand is rising for providing better infrastructure on tourism sites and due to it visitors are creating demands for rendering better and effective services to people. Attractive opportunities are offered by travel industry and due to this demand is rising and government of Philippines should take significant initiatives for making improvements in tourism industry in effective manner (Standing, Tang-Taye. and Boyer, 2014). Demand for tourism depends upon various elements and it includes competition prevailing in market, needs and preferences shown by visitors, elasticity and seasonal factors. However there are different types of demands in which actual demand is generated by people who visit places in a regular interval of time. Potential demand is created by identifying new visitors that can show interest for traveling a new place. In addition to this suppressed demand is also a type of demand in which people not show interest for visiting a place and there is need for motivating and attracting people so that they come for visiting a place. The supply can be maintained by allocating resources at optimum level so that there use can be done in effective way for meeting the demands of industry. Modifications and improvements can be done in the existing infrastructure of travel industry so that better services can be given to travelers for making improvements in travel industry (Travels and tourism industry 2016). Supply can be maintained by making appropriate strategies and action plan and it will also supports in developing Travel industries of Philippines. Due to increase in demand pressure increases on finite sources and and it creates challenge for sustainable development objectives of the country.


Enclave tourism: destination to which people get attracted because they consider various activities in small geographic area. Therefore all this things are carried out with motive because tourist feels satisfied by enjoying experience over there. Major issues which is faced by them is interaction between tourist and local people because they are really less paid for their service which they are providing to tourist people (Structure of travel and tourism. 2016). For example hotels and resorts covered by enclave tourism need to be well equipped and self contained by considering all possible requirements because most of destination are located in coastal and tropical region. Moral and ethical issues which are faced by tourism at Philippines are:

  • Local people did not get more benefits from tourism because tourist are restricted access and drug has dominated entire area.
  • They are highly unethical because local community have no benefits in owing of development in tourism.
  • They buys goods from cruise therefore, they can not sell anything which is also unethical for local people.
  • Various sexually familial diseases also rise because there are more tourist in country ( and Lane, 2014).
  • Due to more tourism violence has increased this will impact on whole country tourism industry.
  • Their are more environmental issues in  Philippines.
  • Increased in  prostitution between woman and children also leading in rise of crime for Philippines people.
  • There is more problem of poor water and waste disposable because over their they does not consist of dustbin on road side.
  • Local community has been benefited very less by tourism development.
  • Cultural, heritage and value has also suffered Philippines.
  • Side effects in incoming of tourist evasion and transnational culture.



Tourism is effect many reasons that are environment, socio cultural, economic and managing of tourism industry. Economic impact involves rise in income level, increased foreign exchange for country and rise in balance of payment (Fodness, 2016). Due to this, inflation rises, price of product also rises and create leakage in economic condition. Furthermore, some socio cultural impacts are changes occurs in society, rise in crime and gambling due to this rise in standard of living. In addition to this, environmental changes also occurs that are increased in pollution in air, water, land through this, degradation in infrastructure, soil and land take place.

For developing tourist destination people can visit Nepal because it is very beautiful place considering many mountain, valleys and natural beauties which hold of flora and fauna. Although, country belong to category of developing nations because it consist of poor connectivity, poor transportation facility of road, buses and cars. Furthermore, there are only few good hotels and resorts which need to meet out standard and expectation of consumer (Lee,  2013). There region offers many venues to tourists by providing destination and affordable trip to facilitate them. In addition to this, some issues which arises in some countries is traffic jams because over there roads are narrow. Many times, nation are also easily target able by terrorist activities which create disturbance in mind of people who are residing over there and therefore, this will affect on image of safe tourist destination.

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At Nepal, many people cheats tourist in term of charging higher price of product and snatching of wallets. There are many climatic changes which are contributing in affecting of incoming of tourist that are greenhouse gases and pollution causing elements. Therefore, due to this, many tourist faces problem in identifying of actual destination because due to poorly developed infrastructure is obstructing in both of development of country and image of country as per tourist destination (Jamal. and Camargo, 2014). Moreover, emerging nations such as France which is developed country and consist of good transportation network through this, they can attract more tourist for their country. Therefore, through this they can rise in GDP and rise in foreign exchange.

In France only one major issue rise that is communication problem because over there they consist of different languages. Over there only few people know English and all road sign, warning and signal are in France language through this they feel difficult for tourist to travel around. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for tourist who has no experience in language to easily travel France by communicating with natives only. Furthermore here, tourist faces major issues of affordability because their charges of product are higher and tourist need to pay their currency which consist of higher value. Therefore, emerging nations like France and Thailand are most expensive for performing of tourist activities because here, all transactions are done by credit cards because in market there are lots of pick pockets cases. Moreover, France is not safe for those women who are working for late hours.


For improving development in tourism in Nepal and France is that government should take some initiative and make some necessary changes for development in Nepal. Therefore, government of Nepal should work on projects by creating better public facilities like sanitation, wider roads with better connectivity of roads, implementation of cleanliness and effective public transport (Scott. and, 2015). There should be building up of more hotels and resorts with standards through they can attract more tourists whether they are nationally and internationally. Therefore, they also need to make some standards before establishing of any hotel and resorts by maintain and specifying some luxurious rooms there. Over there, cleanliness drives should be initiated in improving of hygiene. They should also stop some nuisances which are created by cheating and pick pocketing activities of tourists. Therefore from these activities they get irritated and they cannot travel with free mind thus, these things should be avoided and people who are practicing them they should sent them jailed and also fined some heavy charges on them so that no other people will think off (Edgell Sr, 2016).

Nepal, has also experience many climatic changes because it contributes in greenhouses gases and some pollution causing elements that are emission should be stopped and non pollution causing commodities should be used over there through this they can reduce air pollution from country. On time, there should be essential services should be provided to tourist through this they does not faces any challenges. Nepal people, should also preserve heritage techniques in order to save rich cultural and tradition of them. Proper training should be provided to employees and people who are working in tourism industry through this, they can understand needs of tourist and also provide them better service with considering international standards. Moreover, witness is strong lacking of coordination between agencies and organization which are responsible for development and promotion of tourism in country.

In addition to this, emerging country like France roads, sign, symbols and warning should be written in other languages also through this, they can rise in incoming of more tourist in France. More people, should learn English languages and government should  also appoint tourist guides for people who are  not aware of these languages (Spenceley, 2012.). Furthermore, it is advice that one should not carry unnecessary cash and credit cards with them because they lead to snatching by pockters of France. These activities should be avoided by people who are residing over there. If they does not stop these kinds of things in country then government should put them in jailed and also make fine heavily. France is that country which is not safe for working women because many people over there create disturbance in country. Therefore, woman should always be careful while traveling in odd time at France and also reduce using of public transport at hours (Ham. and Weiler, 2012). On weekends most of shops are closed therefore this cause tourist a huge problem because they cannot do any purchasing. Therefore, this will result in their economy in longer run.


From above it has been concluded that tourism industry requires sustainability because it is duty and responsibilities towards us for maintaining and checking in environment and also maintain balance in our daily routine activities. Moreover, they should be aware regarding happenings which are taking place within country. And travel agencies should explore country rules and regulation through this they get aware while implementing. Motive should be maintain ecological balance through this they can lead to better environment condition within country.

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