Unit 2 Hospitality Provision in Travel and Tourism BTEC HNC/D Level 4


Hospitality sector works as to provide various services to the customers. The one of the basic aim of this is to provide satisfactory services by meeting the needs and wants of customers. Thus, the firm need to plays significant role and it will be helpful in order to enhance the profitability of enterprise. Thus, it can be said that hospitality industry and travelling both are very connected to each other and they are interdependent. The present report will outline the business activities of Marriott group and it is hospitality industry process the operation of enterprise in UK market. In addition to this, it can be said that hospitality industry is very helpful in order to have enhancement growth of entity and it leads to increase the contribution in economic condition of the country (Kelly, 2010). In addition to this report need to put their major consideration over the working of the hospitality organisation in all over the world. Moreover, it can be said that there is need to put focus over the process of integration and its impact on the operation of business enterprise. With the help of developing the hospitality business, there is need to framed effective strategies so that firm can able to meet out the objectives.

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Task 1

1.1 Description on the interrelation between the hospitality industry and wider travel and tourism business

The hospitality industries are closely related to each other and it is linked with the travel enterprise. The travel and tourism industries are responsible in order to provide effective facilitate so the customer so that brand image of firm can be enhanced. It is the responsibility of both hospitality and travel industry to look over the operations so that brand image can be sustained in market (Lashley and Morrison, 2010). The tourism sector can be interpreted as both household and universal and it is need to be incorporated to enhance the economic condition so that market can have growth in business activities. According to the present scenario the hospitality industry and travel and tourism plays the significant role in order to earn the large revenue (Morgan, Lugosi and Ritchie, 2010). There are some major factors which are need to be followed by the hospitality industry in relation to travel and tourism sector as follows-

The Concept of Hospitality on Global Level as are-

The one of the basic aim of travel and tourism sectors is to provide effective services to customers so that operation of the can run in systematic mode. Better quality will be helpful to enhance the brand image of enterprise. In the trip food and accommodation facility plays the significant role. In addition to this, travel sector and hospitality industries both are responsible to provide the proper food and accommodation facility to customers. Thus, in order to make profitable graph sustained the firm need to process its business activities in effective manner (Walker and Walker, 2016). In this manner it can be said that globalisation approach will be helpful to hospitality industry which run the operation of Marriott group, which works as to manage the need and expectation of the customers from the number of cultural differences in the better manner.

Structure of Worldwide Neighbourliness Industry

The standard structure of a business association in cordiality segment comprises of a gathering or front office work area, nourishment and refreshment administrations and other convenience administrations with room administrations and extra help. This is been taken after in any case to a lodging or an eatery in an area. This encourages any business association to deal with an extensive variety of cordiality activities in a superior and powerful way (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2016). Other than this, the accommodation association takes a shot at receiving the imaginative and intuitive administrations that will help the firm to furnish their clients with a decent quality items and benefits and to pick up a superior consumer loyalty level.

Fundamental Essential Cordiality Administrations Supplier

There are great arrangements of accommodation specialist organization that are working with full endeavours to provide food the requirements and request of the clients better. Far going from a basic eatery to a profoundly extravagant inns or accommodation endeavours, the division has a decent scope of activities that will be taken in thought by the firm for better development and improvement of the association (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). This additionally includes real fast food outlets and firms that work on a worldwide level in an alike way and consequently assumes an exceptionally vital part in administration of the movement and tourism segment. Some significant accommodation firms are Marriott Group, Marriott Group, Delta inn and resorts and so forth. This aides in better treatment of tasks and meeting the operational prerequisites of their clients in an exceptionally powerful manner.

Arrangement of Inn

In neighbourliness division, the organizations are been characterized based on viable star rating which exhibit the quality and adequacy of firm. This technique for institutionalization is been acknowledged all around and are trailed by all the neighbourliness firms working in showcase. The 1 star is the most minimal rating, depicting the ostensible and normal nature of items and administrations that are been offered by the firm. Then again, the 5 star rating exhibits the most elevated amount of value administrations and items to their clients (Kim, Vogt and Knutson, 2015). At numerous spots, the 7 star rating is been put that grandstands the express and unprecedented level of administrations and item quality offered by the firm to their clients.

Nourishments and Refreshments

The nourishment and refreshment administrations are the center of cordiality industry and great and viable nature of sustenance and drink administrations can turn into the point of interest for the friendliness firm, which help in better fascination of clients towards them. A high and safe nature of nourishment and refreshment administrations will help in better administration of tasks that will help the associations to develop and create in an extremely compelling and noteworthy way. Ordinarily, the movement and tourism part incorporate with real cordiality or nourishment and drinks firms like KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks and so forth, to give their clients superb administration and pick up their better fulfilment level. This approach not just help in having a decent consumer loyalty level yet additionally enhances the extent of friendliness firm.

Neighbourliness Inside Movement and Tourism

The movements and tourism segment is firmly influenced by the friendliness division. Thus, they will give the high caliber of friendliness administrations like common aeronautics, client transportation and identification benefit. Close to this, multiple occasions they team up with other friendliness firms to give their clients abnormal state of items and administrations that effect the development and improvement of the movement and tourism firm all the while. They will likewise give a decent eatery, bistro, bar and bar and different bites benefits that will help in getting a decent fulfilment level. Other than this, the aeronautics and better transportation level aides in prevalent development of productivity level of association better (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014).

Cordiality Benefits in Meetings and Traveller Transport Administrations

In the meetings and traveller transport benefits, the neighbourliness part will play a profound and pivotal part that effects the development and improvement of the firm (Stephenson, 2014). This assistance in better ascent in happiness level of their clients and along these lines will offer them a superior administration for dealing with their gatherings, occasion and so forth by giving ball room, glass room, dinner lobby and so forth. Such kind of administration will help in better ascent in usefulness level of their association. Other than this, a great game plan of these administrations will help in picking up a decent consumer loyalty level by taking care of a decent measure of business tasks. Likewise, the better transportation administrations including the utilization of taxicabs, manoeuvrers and nearby transports will help the visitors to deal with an extensive variety of tasks that will help in appropriate administration of activities this will help in enhancing the income age of the firm and handle an extensive variety of task which are been taken by a neighbourliness association.

In this it can be said that Cordiliaty tourism division have quick and circumlocutory relationship with each other. Both division is, as it were, depends on each other in light of the fact that without development and tourism zone, it is hard to advancement the friendliness part. While any of them changes in the organizations costs, features, dispersal, techniques and practices then it can, all things considered, upon other section. Friendliness industry gives the workplaces of comfort, incitement, food and refreshment, diner, bar et cetera to their voyager who began from interchange spots. Thusly, one may state that agreeableness and travel and tourism division are interconnected with each other (Airey, Dredge and Gross, 2017). In this present time, there are may affiliation which offers travel and tourism and also ideal organizations to its clients. Along these lines, PKF lodging authorities is focusing on the motel, travel and tourism guiding. Alluded to meander have uncommon gainful by passing on both convenience and furthermore travel and tourism organizations to its customer. There are massive part and enormity of friendliness industry inside the development and tourism region

Task 2

2.1 Analysis about the ramifications of integration to the Hospitality industry

The coordination procedure will lay a significant and basic impact on exercises of a friendliness firm that will help in the better treatment of its business errands and will help in sensible climb in operational point of confinement of a business affiliation. This securing technique will empower the neighbourliness to firm to upgrade its general handiness and augmentation the profitability of business firm. The joining technique has helped the convenience firms like Marriott group, Accor Hotels, Hilton Group and other critical sincerity firms to extend the proficiency and profitability and meet the operational essentials of the business firm as well, as their customers in a much feasible way (Lashley and Morrison, 2010). The acquisition technique will help the getting and moreover the acquired firm to improve their helpfulness and will help in dealing with the necessities and solicitations of their customers. It makes an unrivalled market relentlessness what's more, will empower the business to firm to upgrade the general operational measures that are been taken in thought by the firm. This blend approach will help the firm to upgrade the general value of hotel affiliation and grasp the better and innovative considerations and will help in convincing difference in organization quality (Morgan, Lugosi and Ritchie, 2010).

The genuine consequences that is been taken in convincing idea by relationship for the better advancement and change of organizations like nature of room organizations, food and drinks and improving the transportation organizations. This approach makes the firm extend the general capability and addition their wage age restrain. It similarly helps in dealing with the necessities and solicitations of their customers and customers. The extension in salary age is the standard and main issue that is been taken in convincing idea by neighbourliness firms like Marriott group, Actor motels, Intercontinental and Wyndham Worldwide will help in the better change in as far as possible what's more, shopper steadfastness level in a much fruitful and better way. It will help the firm to give a unrivalled and surprising help of their customers. Other than this, the planned exertion will; help both the associations to hint at change unmistakable evidence by upgrading their picture and incentive in the mid plan of their customers (Airey, Dredge and Gross, 2017). It will similarly be created of a better than average nature of acknowledgement that will help in sensible climb in effectiveness of the refereed to business firm.

The securing firm gets the most ideal way to deal with meet the operational essentials of their affiliation and will moreover help in improving and overhauling of first class organizations measures like upgrading the idea of support or growing the room organizations at accommodation firm. These strategies will help in better treatment of business affiliation. This approach will in like manner reinforce a not too bad pay age and will incite increase in customer or customers satisfaction level (Boniface, 2017). In the Marriott group, both level and vertical approach of joining will actualize. With help of the vertical and even approach, organization can without much of a stretch secure the powerful item and benefits and enhance its current procedure of business task. The Marriott lodging will successfully valuable by utilization of these both methodologies.

2.2 Discuss how reconciliation has influenced Hospitality industry

The reconciliation of different administrations has very influenced accommodation segment. It has diminished the nature of administrations. It has influenced business tasks (Airey, Dredge and Gross, 2017). Tourism associations are utilizing both vertical and even way to deal with develop by pulling in huge number of individuals. They are presently concentrating on using assets in successful way to make strides nature of administrations and additionally increasing upper hand in the market. Additionally, there are different courses by which incorporation has influenced Marriott International. It is portrayed beneath :-

Absence of Learning - Due to coordination worker are not having enough data about different administrations and items. It has influenced their execution and additionally productivity. Likewise, because of absence of research promotion inadequate arranging the standard of administration of Marriott International has diminished.

Cost Reconciliation - This is region where combination has influenced the most. Marriott International is not ready to do compelling cost arranging of various administrations. Other than this, there has been ascended in costs in giving preparing to worker and creating administrations. Because of this Marriott Global can't gain stable benefits to keep up make back the initial investment investigation. Moreover, reconciliation is influencing organization activities as large ventures are required to accomplish goals.

Technology - It is been utilized very in this area. It has helped in giving more data to individuals from various specialized sources, for example, site. The negative effect of this on Marriott International is there has been deferring in choice taking. It is on account of absence of preparing given to representatives. In addition, sometimes information shared isn't precise because of a few blunders. It has brought about less learning of targets (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). This is influencing Marriott International tasks. Hence, reconciliation has influenced tasks of Marriott International. This has influenced their administration quality and additionally general efficiency. Innovation can be bring with the help of using of technological products and it will be helpful to sustain the growth of firm in market.

Task 3

Develop a reason for a chose venture obviously legitimizing choices connected to target advertise

In exhibit time accommodation segment is at blast. It has made stage for some, business to enter. They are effectively working in this part. Also, it has given chance to development to new contestants to enter in it. So beneath is a business advancement arrange for that depict beginning of new business.

Stage 1 - Development

Idea - The arrangement is to open an inn that will contains administrations of eatery too. It will

gives a wide range of administrations to individuals under one rooftop. It will open in UK. The idea driving this is to make a stage in which powerful and better administrations can be given to centre class people. It is on account of these individuals can not manage the cost of sumptuous administrations (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). This business will centre around giving convenience offices at holiday goal at lower cost. It will likewise centre around growing in different regions too.

Market Research - Before opening business initial step taken is statistical surveying. It gives an

thought of existing administrations and items in advertise. Likewise, it indicates conceivable open doors for development. In this statistical surveying will be finished by requesting that individuals fill poll. Alongside this meetings will be taken to get individuals surveys. It will help in distinguishing individuals requests so that administrations can be produced (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014). Points secured will be consumer loyalty, nature of administrations, value, kinds of administrations, and so forth. The objective client will be white collar class individuals. This will help in offering reasonable administrations to them. The example measure will be 1000 individuals who visit UK.

Target Market - The objective client will be working class families. It will comprise all religion,

position, doctrine, and so on. The examination will be led in real urban communities and traveller goals. It is very in helpful in order to easy assess to the customer in the market so that profitability of firm can be enhanced.

Area - It will consist of real urban areas and vacation goals where vast number of centre class individuals visit. This is on account of business objectives centre around giving administrations to these individuals as it were. Scale-Hotel will contain around 150 rooms with ventilation system and 50 rooms without air conditioner.

Financing - Half of the Investment will be finished by me and half by taking credit from bank.

Items and administrations – Services offered will be :

  • 150 rooms with aeration and cooling system and 50 rooms without ventilation system
  • Food and bar administrations
  • Housekeeping administrations
  • Local guide for help
  • Conveyance offices to pick and drop

Licensing - Each and everything will be done in legitimate lawful way and lodging will be enrolled under government.

3.2 Develop an arrangement for a friendliness business including operational necessities and human asset portion

The achievement of accommodation division relies upon its inside outline and engaging quality. A client will be very pulled in to inn climate and inside plan. Besides, lodging condition ought to be tranquil and with the goal that client can effectively unwind. The administrations quality ought to be high with the goal that client can be held (Morgan, Lugosi and Ritchie, 2010). The plan of inn is indicated beneath :-

Stage 2 - Design

Mood - Ambience of inn will be extremely alluring and wonderful. It will be composed in such a Way that individuals consequently gets pulled in. The set up of supper will be rooftop top. It will consist of multi shading lights. Dividers will be finished with works of art and current workmanship. Statues will be put at corner of inns. Entry will be secured with cover having some inside lights.

Culture - Hotel will mirror a smooth and compelling society. Eatery and bars will be beautified with expressions and canvases of vocalists. This will reflect current culture. Move floor in bar will have enhancing lights (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). Servers will have a legitimate clothing regulation that will depute present day method for Pre-delivering administrations. They will be prepared to give auspicious conveyance of administrations.

Brand - Hotel brand will centre around giving fantastic administrations at low cost. The point is to pick up client trust. For this inn have made a site that will explain client issues.

Inside look - Interior will reflect present day condition. Beds will be Secured will allure cloth, in the corner there will be statue and lights with blooms. Each divider Will have diverse hues. The floor outlining will contain illustrations and 3 – D pictures. This will grab attention of client who visit lodging. Each wash room will have bath, high quality embellishments, and so on.

Outside - Exterior of inn will give an alleviating situation to clients. The rooms that incorporates overhang will have eye getting view. It will have a cash plant. Rooms will have glass windows. Useful regions Hotel will work in various practical territories. In any case, the emphasis on strategy for giving convenient conveying of administrations. With this it will be simple for client to book rooms. By this consumer loyalty can be picked up (Kim, Vogt and Knutson, 2015). It will help in holding individuals once they have gone to lodging. Client streams The entry and entryways will be sufficiently open with the goal that client can without much of a stretch enter and exit. There will one passage entryway and one leave entryway.

Connection to Target Advertise - The outline will be made in that way that it reflects white collar class individuals' life.

Clients with singular needs - There will diverse offices and spaces for client who are having separate needs.

Maintainability - with a specific end goal to get by in the market for long run, lodging will utilize innovation to enhance nature of administrations. It will help in pulling in individuals. Administration will create systems for example, giving rebates of merry seasons, sorting out unrecorded music shows, gaming office for kids, Wi-Fi office, and so on.

Stage 3 - Operation

Lodging can accomplish its objectives and targets through powerful activities. Administration necessities to create anticipate how tasks will be performed and how. Tasks consists of staffing, enlistment, advancements, and so on. it will help in smooth business working. Staffing by utilitarian zones Management will enrol exceedingly qualified staff for this. It is since inn need to make impact on individuals by following the strategy for conveyance on time. After enrolling, compelling preparing will be given to them (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014). This will help in recognizing their abilities furthermore, abilities.

Authority Capabilities - HR will incline toward competitor that is having a Bachelor degree. It ought to additionally be great in relational aptitudes. To start with inclination will be given to those applicants who have done lodging administration course. Chefs must have 3-4 years of Involvement in cooking.

Staffing Issues Identified With Regularity - In occasional time staff should perform more parts

What's more, obligations. At that point as per their execution advantages and motivation will be given to them.

Social Decent Variety and Approaches to Manage Clashes - To make a superior workplace administration will treat all representatives similarly and giving them measure up to open doors for development. No segregation will be finished by administration (Boniface, Cooper and Cooper, 2016). So as to manage clashes administration will consult with them by tuning in to perspectives of each group. Enlistment strategies and methods The HR group will create solid arrangements and methodology (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). Strategy will express that no separation will be finished. Every competitor will be given measure up to risk for work. Besides, a few techniques will be created Consistence with enactment the approaches and methodology created will be composed of a few demonstrations. Every approach will be consistence under enactment. Inn will take after act, for example, Equality Act, non segregation act, well-being and security act, and so forth.

Special Exercises - There will be a few strategies finished which advancement will be finished. Most importantly advancement will be finished by promoting. For this online networking will be utilized to draw in individuals. A page will be made on systems' administration locales, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth for compelling advancement. Also, through advertising advancement will be finished (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). In this correspondence will be finished with individuals to advance inn thoughts. Valuing The costs will be set by a 3 star lodging. Air conditioning rooms will have more cost when contrasted with non AC.


Based on above report it can be concluded that hospitality industry plays one of the significant role in order to sustain the function of enterprise in market. The present report put its major focus over the interrelatedness of hospitality firm as per the travel and tourism activities. In addition to this, it can be said that integration facilities which is used by the enterprise need to effective function and its impact over the operation of firm can be determine effectively. With the help of developing the hospitality business, there is need to framed effective strategies so that firm can able to meet out the objectives. The present report will discuss the strategies which will be helpful in order to full fill the desire of target market.


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