According to external and internal environment by the extension needs of growth  in the business lines , the business has requirement to think its marketing techniques in an appropriate  way it is very important  so that the business can increases its profit by using its new plans (Parrott, Azam Roomi and Holliman, 2010). The marketing planing is focused by the present context of the report which is required by Hilfiger. Hilfiger is a popular American multinational corporation which I famous for clothing. According to  establish its new brand of clothing which is less vagarious and  less expensive . By using this new brand Hilfiger can attract young mass and invite audience.

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Advertising is cover large base of customer with increasing in profitability of company. it is 5required to current marketing condition and strategy because every organization providing proper product with aspect of customer.  An organisation  has requirement to find out appropriate marketing techniques so that it manage maximum customers here with growing chain in all country.

Traditional marketing strategies are used for it, which mostly includes mouth to mouth advertisement and show ads on the posters at common places.  Small businesses are used these types of techniques to stay in the market long term and to maximise future development. In this type of marketing use television or radio newspaper, print marketing etc. these marketing style not increase cost of product and also help to communicate with mass of people in one time.  To covers competition globally, the modern marketing planning is used with the maturing market sand sophisticated customers.(Donnelly and, 2012)  

Morden marketing – in this marketing including product sale and give advertising on internet. This have some example like social media, mail, affiliate, ads on internet etc. in this generation use these type of marketing way.

To selling its products through stand-alone Hilfiger departments, Hilfiger uses traditional techniques previously in the present contact. But when it introduces new lines of product line, Hilfiger has to focus on modern strategies more as maintaining licensing agreements, celebrity advertisement and online advertisement also with the other part of world.


Hilfiger will have to focus on its marketing which depends on physical, human and marketing capabilities to have positive effects on Hilifiger's new product line.

As human capabilities of hilfiger describes, Hilfiger has a broad expertise of human resource which can make marketing techniques according to demand of different types of market. The design staff of the company can achieve this. The design staff of the hilfger belong to 30 different nationalities.

U.S designer Tommy Hilfiger and Indian Textile manager Mohan Murjani is operate this concerned company under their guidance which as achieved in making Tommy. Hilfiger is a well-known multinational brand.

In relation to physical capabilities of described company, Markets In Eropean and Asian countries is covered by this company instead of U.S. home town, so concerns relative capability of land for business, equipment need will not be a restriction for them. It can work according to mandatory specification with the growing extension which needs custom made technology and software.

As far as its financial capabilities are describes by the successful task in different countries , the company can easily take projects loan from banks , financial companies and from those investors which are interested to invest in their venture  (Chang, Park,  and Chaiy,  2010)

To evaluate its strengths and weakness , the organisation has to be examined in order to improve its operations and to achieve its pre decided goals more efficiently. The hilfger's organisational audit in the present company context : Customer and Competitor : Hilfger serves a big part  of customers  in  terms of customers . This company have many no. of principal like creating classic, cool and committed products. These principals make its customers more satisfied . Hilfiger has 1400 different different store in different different countries which have no. of variety for men as well as women. It has ideas for its quality and customers like it has a little cost of switching for its customer in order to face heavy competition in its same business line. (Fava Neves, 2007)

PESTLE analysis is done through examine of external environment. By the PESTLE analysis we can determine the macro factors which can help us to make marketing strategies. PESTLE analysis includes :

Political: : In a particular country entrance of new product line has to be considered the degree of support giving to the newcomers in that country in the form of government sanctions and subsidies.  In UK political environment is stable in readerly case  change so their business environment is also  support every company. There government is also support this company it mean Hilfiger in future have any  type of problem it can help .

Economic:  The company is launching its product as the demand of that particular product and conquer exchange rate. These are some economic conditions in which the company is introducing its product.. It not easily change so proving proper supply chain management and help to develop in new policy related to tax .this company revenue also depend on labour cost this country is less economical development country so little changes is doing impact  on prices.

Social:Culture of that particular area where the company launched their product, Population growth , age distribution , life style, family size and carrier attitude, these are some social factors that affected the company's product. This factor is impact on their product like changes in customer lifestyle, interest etc. like their people is health consciousness so thy purchase sports item.

Technological:  We all know about the technological changes these changes are taking place very quickly. In this company have the development of internet association  and technical equipment used for the manufacturing are accessible on the demand. Their technology give new innovation to help in manufacturing product storage , security etc. this company is also use  different technology in advertising like social media marketing etc.

Legal: The company wants to introduce the product in U.K so the company has to be  follow the law which is applicable in that particular region .If the company wants to cover up any other area or region so the company has to follow the export and import rules.

Environment: The changes in climate , pollution target and scarcity of  raw materials are some environmental factors which effected the demand of product.(Wilson, 2010). this company is also suit their climate  for manufacturing product. This company is produce product so it is harming the economy so this comply make the some strategy to like  grow trees, manufacturing industries far for city because waste material directly polluting in river etc.


When we discuss about SWOT analysis ,then we see that the environmental factors are most important part for an organisation to  making  marketing  strategies. Both the factors are important internal as well as external. These factors allow a business to determine the factors of its uniqueness that it can highlight upon more and what other factors it has to overcome so they don't demonstrate a restriction together with taking care of various political and social factors.

SWOT analysis of its internal environment in present context of Tommy Hilfiger which cover up its:

Strength: Hilfiger has a very high revenue with the continuation sustained growth rate because of its perform on a extensive scale profitability and large coverage. Furthermore it has very high skilled and experienced men power to perform its work. That's why Introducing a product similar to its present line can prove to be largest strength for the company. (Taghian, 2010)this is known as global brand and also have strong distribution system. This company  is have 1000 stores in 90 counties. This is use many type advertising and popular to brand .

Weakness:  It should focus on its future market size. So that the present operations will not effect them . This  company is mostly focus on the  protection of brand and reduce cost of maintenance those effect on  product quality. It is also have huge competence with same type of organization . 

Opportunities: There are so many options for the company to utilise in the order of extensive economy , new market and investors who are ready to invest in huge projects with future commitment. This company is also do innovation in their product  and try to expand  product line cycle.

Threat:  Similar products through the competitor, market changes , increment in labour costs these are the some threads which the company have. If there is a change in their investing power so the new workers has to be employees ( Ryals and Rogers,  2007). This company is also intense competences with national ad international brands. Their contribution in economy ,ma be down when their demand  will reduce. This organization  will also face inventory issue according to changes in fashion.



In view of its enlargement in the fast flourishing market of middle east- Dubai marketing program for Hilfiger which can Carys a list of special activity to utilize a successful marketing gimmick which consider:

Firstly recognition of the budgeted amount to be sepleted for marketing exercises.

Mission Statement: that narrate the aim and line of business as in existing situation.  Hilfiger have aim at screening the ample increasing market in the middle eastern  sheltering families and working specialist(Fava Ne


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