Analysis Report on Movie Mean Girl with Discussion on Its Theme


The Mean Girls is a comedic drama which is based on Rosalind Wiseman which was directed by Mark Waters. This was directed in the year 2004 along with starts like Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey and Lindsey Lohan. It was based on the main setting of Iiinois related to high school along with other setting of houses for main characters. The present essay covers detail analysis of the movie Mean Girls along with discussion on its central theme that how teenagers react and manage their life during the college and school time.

Paragraph 1

The movie Mean Girls is based on several themes with specific focus on culture. However, the trend is keep on changing but major issue still remain with teenagers. The major focus is laid on gossip, sexual promiscuity and importance of reputation as well as harsh language. It represent the how teenagers deal with each single issue and manage their sentiments. The rating of movie was based on PG-13 in context of language, sexual content and teen portraying. The entire movie reflected the open culture under which teenagers were not bound to any thing.

For example, a particular scene related to Regina and her boyfriend  has been shown under which they were making out an intense session and her mom approached and asked if they need anything (Mean Girls- Film Analysis, 2017). On the other hand, life style of Cady and Norbury was quite different as they do not have such kind of environment in their family. Infect parents of Cady wanted to shift her to the home school for the purpose of socialization.

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Furthermore, Cady was girl who were less aware of the things related to the body and it is considered that outside influence can better help her to manage many things (Costigan and et. al., 2013). For instance, even the mother of Regina wanted to change something in her body and focus was laid on breast implant of hers. It reflects that self image of person or specially of teenagers through which they can push up their social status and enjoy the perfection level. It can be critically evaluated that, in the search of perfection many times they do not mind regarding the studies and accordingly high school girls.

Furthermore, girls or plastic tends to be stand in front of mirrors and criticize their own image and wish they could change it so as to gain the popularity. Moreover, the one character of Damian in the movie was proud to express regarding his homosexuality. On the other hand, Janice tends to express herself with the help of her own art so as to ensure his own happiness and stay confident in front of other friends. Therefore, they just love being themselves and hanging with each other or with their partners so as to have full fun. Though, Damian and Janice attended fewer parties.

Paragraph 2

The major aspect associated with Mean Girls is less usage of media and putting more pressure on personal life of teenagers regarding their self image and perfection. However, it was noticed that sister of Regina was fond of watching shows and music and other related parties. Also, music was compulsory in everything gathering, mall or dance party. However, character of Cady was quite different before she entered into high school and she was also not aware of the music too much as she was from another country.

At the same time, it was found that use of mobile phone was very less as it is the reality that during 2005 students do not used to have the phone frequently. They used to the home phone regularly and apply the scenario of text message to a great extent. It is because only 56% of older teenagers had cell phone and they used the same for sending the text messages and ensuring the better communication among all their friends.

However, in the generation M2, texting was new scenario and they consider the texting on priority for sending the messages and ensuring the better communication among all the parties. However, the multimedia platform was not in frequent use (Dumith and et. al., 2011). Therefore, simple aspect was followed to communication with each and provide better environment for all their friends in order to stay connected.

Therefore, it can be interpreted that among all the character Cady was quite respectful to her parents and get good grades as well. Unlike Regina she is so sweet and has good morale. However, with the greater interaction and involvement with plastics and Regina Cady got changed and became the heroine with the personality as true Cady. However, peer pressure influenced to Cady to a great extent. Owing to this, it is important to understand the status of company in the high school and accordingly they must stay true to themselves. However, teenagers tend to shed light on reputation and popularity which has been manifested with the help of Mean Girls (Clover, 2015).

Paragraph 3

By reviewing the major aspect of movie it can be stated that peer pressure plays important role in bringing changes among teenagers. Owing to this, they must be provided right guidelines that what should be adopted and what not. For this purpose, role of parents also matter a lot so as they need to be there with their kids so as to provide them better guidance. Many a times, absent parents become the crucial reason behind the peer pressure and they do not get the right kind of information related to their life style (Chinapaw and et. al., 2011). On the other hand, some parents do not provide proper care for their children and accordingly they watch such kind of show such as Girls Gone Wild.

It is the fact the media influence children to react in the same manner and different activities of theirs get affected from the influence of such kind of show. For this purpose, message of media should also be considered in order to understand its direct impact on audience. Apart from this, sexual promiscuity has majority influenced under the movie Mean Girls. It has been demonstrated with the help  of transformation of Cady that how she changed her lifestyle along with body and clothing pattern.

They have tendency like guys will be attracted easily if they will show their skin by wearing short clothes. Furthermore, Cady show the transformation in action too along with dress up and several other other activities. This represents that absent parent is the major reason behind the same but girls or teenagers must consider the fact regarding their self image rather focusing on liking and dislkings by others guys (Gidal, 2013). At the same time, sexual immorality is also bad which ruin or affect the teenagers to a great extent and take them to the wrong track. For this purpose, drive of teenagers to be perfect matters a lot for them to change their social status for the purpose of popularity.


The aforementioned report concludes that teenagers run behind the social status and put their efforts to bring transformation so as to effective gain the popularity and make more friends. It has been presented with the role of Cady and influence of peer pressure on her personality. It can also be concluded that lack of attention from the end of parent is the major reason behind higher influence of peer pressure and greater level of transformation among the kids. Therefore, teenagers can be provided right guideline to be on the appropriate track and accordingly being cautious regarding their career and growth.

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