Personal and Professional Development

Introduction to Personal and Professional Development

Self learning is the process that helps the individual as well as the workforce to grow in this dynamic and competitive world. The present research report is thus made to comprehend the benefits as well as approaches of self managed learning to individual and organization both. Furthermore, some activities and skills are also mentioned which individual needs to develop so as to contribute in organizational success and growth.

1 Self Managed Learning to Enhance Lifelong Development

1.1 As per the views of several authors and scholars it is apparent that self managed learning is very much crucial as it helps the individual to increase the knowledge level and at the same time it develops capability level. There are various tools and approaches and the suitable one can be used as per the need of the individual. Learning starts at the initial stage and the individual can start learning different things initially with school and colleges.Knowledge can be achieved by associating with different problems which an individual faces throughput the life spans. With the help of self managed learning, an individual can acquire range of knowledge and information on different grounds which also helps in getting recognition from different members of the organization. This would also help the individual to set several goals and aims for life and thus the capacity of current competency can be increased. Self learning, being an ongoing process remains with the individual for the whole life time. The process of self managed learning is beneficial for both the organization and the individual. Here is the description of all the approaches of self managed learning

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Internet: With the help of internet facilities, an individual can acquire knowledge on different facets and this will also assist in finding out new ways to enhance knowledge level. To become efficient, it is crucial for me to get assistance from internet as that will increase my competency and confidence level.

Social networking: Today all the people are available at social networking sites and this could also help me as well other individuals share knowledge and experience with others (Klein, 2005).

Seminar and conferences: An individual can attend seminars as well as conferences through which knowledge and capability level can be enhanced even for a longer period.

1.2 It is crucial for an individual to encourage lifelong learning so as to develop personal and professional efficiency and that will also assist in acquiring recognition from superior level employees. For the purpose of reaching the organizational goals, it is mandatory for an individual and me as well to upgrade the skills on a continuous basis and also to look out on areas for improvements. I would like to mention some of the ways through which lifelong learning can be encouraged:

SWOT and self analysis: Analyzing own strengths and weaknesses is termed as the best tool through which an individual can encourage lifelong learning as this is a part of personal and professional development (Rose, 2008). Self analysis is the tool by which a person can identify the areas where the person needs development and improvement and this will also assist him to go through several developmental techniques. This will also assist in undertaking several approaches to enhance the ability of learning and development.

Self reflective learning: A person can also analyze his or her own learning level with the process of self reflective learning which could also assist in encouraging lifelong learning. It is especially essential at the time when the individual is working with different types of professionals. An individual has to work on more challenges and this increases the knowledge and skills in different fields.

Training and coaching: Considering the approach of training and development, it can be said that an individual can derive a wide range of information by attending such types of seminars and conferences and this would also assist in enhancing the opportunities of career growth and success (Lopper, 2007). The candidate can also get advice from experts that in turn would lead to enhanced capability and competency level.

Hence these are the major ways by which an individual can encourage lifelong learning and through this, the current and future needs could also be satiated. A person will also be able to reach towards long term goals and success.

1.3 Self learning process has several benefits for an individual as well as for the organization. It is helpful for all the employees of different departments. Below are the some benefits to individual:

Increases communication skills: It has been seen in many cases that self managed and lifelong learning, both are quite useful for an individual and by accessing to different sources, communication as well as other types of skills can be managed for the whole life span.

Develops personal efficiency: Ultimately a person can acquire knowledge and information with self managed learning which in turn reflects in personality development. This is also termed as the best approach to enhance personal efficiency and with this, the individual would also be able to describe his personal capability.

Assists in becoming competent in nature: An individual with the process of self managed learning would be able to become competent source for other players and this in turn would also assist in getting developmental opportunities.

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Helps in achieving goals: The goals of an organization can be achieved when working efficiently. Self managed learning directs the person to work according to the desired standards (Gijselaers, 2013).

Improves decision making process: It is quite apparent that a person works even better in the state wherein he goes through with approaches to self managed learning; thus it directly increases his/her decision making capacity which is further beneficial for the organization.

Employee motivation: Motivation is essential at each of the stages in an organization and this even makes an employee more productive to the organization. When a person gets skilled, it helps him to contribute in organizational success (Freese and Samaras, 2006).

2 Taking Responsibility For Own Personal and Professional Development

2.1 For being a marketing manager at Sainsbury there are certain personal and professional skills required for development. The marketing manager at the very firsthand must have the convincing power, if not he needs to develop it. Other skills and competencies can be:

Knowledge of the various marketing techniques: The marketing manager must have the knowledge of how to approach the customers and reach them in the best and economical way (Vincent, 2001).

Critical thinking- It requires to implement various strategies that can benefit the company as well as satisfy the customers.

Effective monitoring- This skill is very important to be developed as it requires better analysis of the plans and allows the manager to observe them on the basis of profitability and cost effectiveness

Communication skills- These are not only required to communicate internally within the organization among the subordinates and superiors but also manage to interact with the customers of varied behavior and attitude and to convince them for the products (Burkšaitiene, Tereseviciene and Kaminskiene, 2011).

Negotiation skills- These are one of the most important skills required by a marketing person which means that how would the manager best manage the products and customers by keeping a balance between the costs and the benefits as well as achieving higher customer satisfaction (Khilay, 2010).

Quick decision making capability: This competency is required by every manager in order to face the difficult situations and take the decisions instantly when required (Spittle, 2011).

2.2 There are certain skills that need to be developed by me as a marketing manager. The above skills are the performance skills and standards that are required and in order to achieve them various activities and plans are to be carried out. As I am well acquainted with the communication skills, still there are more skills to be developed. To improvise the communication, I would try to attend more and more meetings and seminars. Further keeping the knowledge of the subject and latest marketing techniques would help me out in finding effective methods that are beneficial and economic too (Gijselaers, 2013). To develop better negotiation skills, I would try to deal with more and more customers and clients that would help me develop it and thus try to focus on the profitability of the firm.

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I also need to become a patient listener that involves developing in me competencies to understand others and becoming an empathetic manager. For effective problem solving and decision making, I would grab all the opportunities of taking up responsibilities that would develop these skills. These also require critical thinking that can be managed by continuous working on the problems and always participating in strategic planning and decision making. To inculcate better monitoring, as a manager, I need to understand all the employees first and also need to upgrade all the knowledge and skills in order to efficiently respond to the people. Thus for a better professional development as a marketing manager I need to focus on the betterment and profits for the organization.

2.3 As a marketing manager there is constant need of making review and update on marketing decisions by identifying and evaluating correct and relevant information regarding marketing opportunities of targeted market. For analyzing market needs and wants there is a requirement of a lot of market information and current trends such as market research, evaluation of data, assessments of market, opportunity and threats analysis, customer and consumer trends (Marc, 2011). Marketing research assist in identifying and evaluating the potential opportunities available in the targeted market for addressing future needs. Marketing research helps me to make a link between environment and the consumers (Skiff, 2008). The basic needs and wants of the consumer need to be identified because according to that Sainsbury manufacturing department can produce its products and services and offer it to the consumers. These current needs and wants should be critically analyzed and satisfied in order to fulfill future defined needs

By making analysis of market, as a marketing manager I can understand what the basic requirements of the consumer are, and according to that I can suggest to our production department to manufacture goods and services which can be easily accepted by the consumer to consume. On the other hand, marketing information system aims at gathering information from the targeted market such as competition, direct markets, and channels, political, legal, economic and technological. All these factors are very essential for me to analyze in order to have a sustainable future and also assist in providing competitive advantage over company’s competitors (Pace, 2005). By indulging in evaluating market needs I would be able to improve the efficiency of the employees working under or with me as per the trends of market, which will assist Sainsbury to improve its functioning and achieve the desired goals and objectives.

3 Implementing and reviewing own PPD plan

3.1 There are various ways using which the developmental plans and processes for gaining the right status at Sainsbury can be implemented. These processes and plans can include the planning that I may undertake for my own goals and targets. This can be done by identifying the barriers that are coming in way of my plans and are hindering them for achievement within the given time frame. If looked with my perspective to be a marketing manager at Sainsbury, I need to come up with the exclusive plan with regards to my objectives through the action plans and then undertaking an evaluation of the essential factors that are not expected to fall within the line of my development plan. All the individual goals that have been set up need to be attained with the successful implementation that has been undertaken at the time of work tenure in the organization. With regards to the action plan, there is a need to make arrangements for learning the new skills in the dimensions of self managed learning.

Another important target for me will be the different dimensions of social interactions and also I have to come up with the ability to learn and understand the different languages. This will help me in a great way to gain success in career and also to come across different opportunities in life may be within Sainsbury or outside (Lee, 2001). I wll also have to make an arrangement for a tutor who can impart me the knowledge and skills that are required to work efficiently as marketing manager in the organization. This can be attained by attending different language classes and other leadership tutorials by coming across different social groups (Burke, 2002). The major barrier that I might face will be in learning different languages and other important attributes within a short time span. Until then, my social interactions will become quite difficult.

With the objective to achieve the planned objectives that are also mentioned in the personal development plan, I need to ensure that all the activities that are highlighted in the PPD plan are well structured and attainable. Along with this, it is also important to ensure that no objective is hypothetical or imaginative. All the targets need to be practical and attainable. Also there is a need to ensure that languages that I am learning to get well with the rest of the employees and management is well learnt.

So, I will keep on taking inspiration from my role models who will help in providing me the inner strength to face different challenges so I can work even more efficiently towards my planned goals and objectives. For better control on my activities, I will keep track of the work I do and trainings I undertake so that I can measure my performance on a regular basis and if I still find any shift in it, will then upgrade my plans and focus on the targets that are still left to be attained. Other than that, I have to remain very strict with my time frames and the deadlines that I have set up for each and every task so that I can move towards my plans with more accuracy (Parry, 2004).

3.3 It is not easy to undertake self management because it requires a very strict and scheduled follow up with the targets defined. After the management of the developing activities, there is a need to carry out the self reflection. This will help in attaining the goals and objectives in timely and effective manner (Vincent, 2001). I have also observed that by learning different basic skills, there is also a need to bring in an increased focus for acquiring different leadership traits along with the prominent team working and building skills with help of which I can undertake a proper management of all the activities. With it, employees in Sainsbury can undertake an assessment of their actual position and after the analysis of skills, they can check out that what all are the areas where they need an improvement (Petroni, 2000).


The conclusion that can be drawn out from this file is that PPD plays a very important role in fostering as well as enhancing the performance of each and every individual who wishes to reach the heights in their personal and professional life (Gijselaers, 2013). This study depicts the different approaches of self managed learning with the help of which I can come with the elements using which I can gain a position of marketing manager at Sainsbury.


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