Organizational functions are performed for the management of its human resources such as recruitment, performance management, motivation, benefits, safety and training as well. This administrative division provide efforts to attain long-term objectives and simultaneously, give stress on getting critical goals of the firm. The existing report is prepared in order to examine the functions and importance of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Orion Pharma (UK) Limited which is a flourishing retail sector in the UK market. Broad description has been made in the report which entails roles and functions of Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd. for managing strategic resources.

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Besides that, efforts made for enhancing the performance of employees and quality of products have been featured in a broader sense. The study entails functions performed by the cited firm regarding its employees through assistance of various marketing strategies. Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd has been trying hard to run operations and activities of the firm in the most appropriate manner. In other words, managers of the cited firm are following adequate process for management of HR and the report explains certain methods that have been exercised by the firm.

1 Role of Human Resource Management for achieving potency in the firm

1.1 Definition of Strategic Human Resource Management

According to Bosma (2004), Strategic HRM precise firm's purpose or plans and policies for acquiring goals in the most desired manner. The author is also of the same view point that focuses on human capital of Orion Pharma Ltd which is the main root of aiding the firm to achieve competitive advantages simultaneously and give efforts in executing strategic plans more efficiently. As per view of Berkes (2002), Strategic HRM connotes a firm with the structure wherein human resources is the most crucial part which enforces management to achieve results in the desired manner (Berkes, Colding and Folke, 2002). Strategic human resource highly focuses on strategic prospects for the intention of improving competitive benefits. Writer also considered that giving more and more stress on strategic concepts is a bit ideal for the cited firm for implementing additional and improved efforts.

Besides the aforesaid definitions, Carpenter (2001), is of a different view point where he altered the meaning of strategic HRM which shows how effectively a firm uses its human resources in the most adequate manner in order to enhance its performance for attaining competitive advantage (Bosma and et. al., 2004). Furthermore, he stated that concepts of strategic aspects reduces complexities through plans and policies of how to position human resources. Therefore, from above mentioned definitions of strategic HRM by different authors, it has been cleared how important HRM is for every firm. However, on the other hand, manpower or employees of Orion Pharma Ltd are of totally different perspective who have formulated their own strategic management for operating their daily functions. Here, the main target of the cited firm is to gain huge market share and for acquiring that, certain strategical conceptualizations have been formulated such as:

Specific Human Resource plans: - Actions of specific human resources gives an overview of intentions of Orion Pharma Ltd strategies for the following fields:

Expert management: - As the name suggests, in this specific field, Orion Pharma Ltd has intended to attain numerous quantity of expertized knowledge as well as skills (Carpenter, Sanders and Gregersen, 2001).

Knowledge management: - The main intention of the firm in this context must be for gaining control over professional knowledge in order to enhance quality of performance as well as learning capability of human resources.

Reward: - This accents towards objectives of Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd for achieving long-run goals in order to offer rewards to their employees on the basis of their performance.

Employee relationships: - It is the most critical part or function of HR department of Orion Pharma (UK) Ltd to maintain healthy relationships between employees for acquiring goals.

Principles for successful Human Resource  strategy: -Strategies made for HRM must be in such a way that objectives or targets should get achieved at the end. However, strategy making is not just like a dream but efficient efforts are required to be made through the help of available human resources (Sirmon, Hitt and Ireland, 2007). Strategies are made on the basis of employees as well as employers of the organization which also includes their stakeholders in this list. The main purpose of an outstanding strategy should be to provide value to their people only. Therefore, strategies should clarify that how human resources are being rewarded according to their efforts or how they can evolve or grow over themselves within


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