A Study on Internet Marketing


These days with the modernization in the technology the way of doing business has also changed a lot. Now a day the companies are making use of different kinds of internet tools so that they can keep themselves ahead from the competition. In this given research report a brief about the use of internet marketing has been discussed concerning the Smart Resolution.

Task 1


The important elements of internet marketing include, video marketing, display marketing, web based advertisements, email marketing, SEO, referral marketing and so on. In this contemporary world, this element plays a special role in the field of internet marketing and helps an organization reach the masses. These are some of the elements among many other elements that form a part of the internet marketing. Smart Restorations Limited can use or take the help of Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing to increase their visibility. A brief description and discussion on each of the elements can be done in this prospect which will eventually show how they can beneficial for office furniture firm, Smart Restorations. Video marketing primarily can be made by taking help of you tube and it is accessed by people all over the world which will lead to great visibility of the firm and their goal can also be reached very quickly (Yurovskiy, 2015). Display marketing is also very beneficial and it can be any forms of catchy advertisements, small pop up boxes that comes when one visits different sites or any links in the net. Web based advertisements is almost similar to that of display advertisement, the only difference being it is more broad and that that of the display ads. Email marketing is sending emails to potential customers that would generate some revenue for the firm.

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SEO is all about optimizing the search engine, Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing can work in such a way so as to increase the visibility of Smart Restorations or increase the visibility of their website in the net. Referral marketing helps an organization or a business to grow by referring one another and thereby forming a network frame. However “creation”, “optimization’, “promotion” and “analysis” are the basic elements of internet marketing without which a successful internet marketing campaign cannot be carried forward. Creating a good content and then promoting it in order to attract audience for buying it are the simple and some of the very basic elements of internet marketing. Based on these several other elements can be included or processed. Apart from this the online brand management, monthly tracking of visitors, development of website that includes designing, content writing and so on are also some of the key elements of internet marketing (Tsotra, 2016).


Marketing mix generally refers to the product, price, promotion and place. However in this prospect it is e product, e price, e promotion and e place. The strategies remain the same only the mode of marketing or business changes. The Medium blue search engine can categorically use the e price, e product, e promotion and e place strategies for the marketing of Smart Restorations. The product or the restoration services of the firm can be broadly discussed or written in the website so that customers get detailed and exact information of the product. The e product that is the office furniture that might include several varieties of things can be shown in the website for the purpose of providing information to the people. The e price should be made in such a way that it can be afforded by maximum number of people and so that they visit the website to repurchase the products. E promotion can be done by taking help of different social media platforms that include blogs, twitter, personal website, Facebook and so on. E place here will be the company’s own website that will be regulated and supervised by the Medium blue search engine.

This internet marketing mix strategy is now being used by many contemporary organizations since it allows a customer to access the shop whenever he feels like and buy according to his choice and preference. However, the product, price, place and promotion that form the basis of marketing mix should be formulated in such a way that it creates a co-ordination among them all and the marketing camp can be successfully carried on. The firm here can highlight their furniture restoration as well as selling option so that people gets a clear idea of their goods and services. Place which is one of the important components of marketing mix is totally virtual, however the website can be beautifully crafted by so that it attracts more number of online customers since, it is the virtual shopping place for them and if it is not done beautifully than the customers would not be interested in buying or availing any products from the office furniture firm. However, this is what the internet marketing mix means and works for an organization or a brand (Janson, 2016).


The internet marking tools that can be used in this prospect include, Ad words editor, key word planner, ad words scripts, and different blog sites like “BlogSpot”, “WordPress”, and social media platforms like, Facebook. Instagram, twitter, hike and so on. All these are the tools of internet marketing and each of them have different roles to play in the marketing of Smart restorations. All these also fall under certain group of marketing tools and these all can be used by Medium Blue search engine to boost up the sale and visibility of Smart restorations. However, a small comparison can also be made on these above mentioned e marketing tools. The word tools as mentioned above, gives one platform to create or make a content which can be anything. On the contrary the blogs are something that an e organization mainly has through which the e organization keeps updating people about their goods and services. However again there is another bigger marketing platform that almost all knows about in today’s time like, Instagram, Facebook, and twitter and so on (Chaffey, 2013). Smart Restorations can take an extensive help of these marketing tools or strategies and can prosper their own business. These tools will be much more effective for Smart restorations since these are accessed by people from all over the world and in a less time it can reach thousands of people.

Smart restorations went through a phase of recession and therefore to quickly garb the market they need to rely on these different marketing tools. The Medium Blue search engine marketing can also take help of marketing tools like, conversation booster, messaging platform, optimization platform, SEO software and so on to successfully market the products and services of Smart restorations limited. The conversation booster and the messaging platforms are all most same and there is hardly any difference in it. It includes applications like, hike, WhatsApp, messenger and so on. These modes of marketing tool strictly differ from the optimization platform and SEO software that mainly optimizes of increase the visibility of a brand or an organization. Blue medium will effectively use all these tools to properly market the products and services of the furniture brand. However, usage of these tools will be done as per the requirement and the online marketing trends and that would be revised from time to time (Drake, 2008).


Interactive order processing of Smart Restorations will work as per the visibility and optimization of their website search that would be done by Medium blue search engine marketing. The firm generally restores old office furniture or refurnishes it and also buys and sells old and new furniture. It is hence understood that their working are is quite huge and thereby the order processing also needs to be done meticulously which can work with the help of some key policies or strategies like, online presence, enhancing product findability and so on (Buda, 2014). The interactive order processing can work smoothly is some basic and simple steps are followed or implemented in this prospect. Generating traffic or attracting customers through blog posts, e-mails, direct messages and web based advertisements which all are a part of online marketing can be the first step of the interactive order processing of Smart restorations. Thereafter, generating leads can be the next or second step to interactive order processing. Transforming the leads to customers and thereby gathering some more can be the third step of interactive order processing and it can be done by marketing mix strategies or policies. However, interactive order processing is all about keeping the customers engaged and interested about a brand and organization so that they keep on buying and Smart restorations can also do the same by proving quality products, services and good buying experiences to the customers. Order processing can be made more interactive by creating some catchy or innovative web designs and content in the website that will automatically draw the customers and will keep them busy in the online site. Customer help or desk support can also be formatted by the Medium Blue search engine so that it would be easier for the customers to select and buy their necessary products. The practical and helpful purpose of the firm can also be highlighted by the search engine site so that the ordering and purchasing process in Smart restorations truly becomes interactive. This how the interactive order processing of Smart restorations will work and will add to the marketing of the firm (Zhang, 2000).

Task 2


Search engine marketing is all about increasing the visibility of a website or an online store. This is done by following some simple or basic online marketing rules. However, the mechanics that that are involved in the search engine marketing include, key word search, SEO, paid advertisements, internet referral system, content development, website saturation, backlinks and so on. These mechanics together can help an online website like, the online store of Smart restorations Limited grow and become popular in the internet marketing field. The search engine here can formulate the website of the office furniture brand in such a way that there website becomes more visible in the internet and their content also gets the most visibility (Pan, 2015).


This is Leslie Mann from Smart Restorations. I would like to add you to our list of mail or our mailing list so that you can regular get updated and information about our latest product and services. You can also visit our website link for further information and knowhow. You can even share the link of our company website with our friends and known people and thereafter we can also add them up in our mailing list. However, if you are not interested about our products and services you can disregard this e-mail, since we don’t like to add people without their consent or permission. However if you are interested in it you can go ahead and click to our link and get the latest updates about what’s the new trend in office furniture décor.
Thanking you,
Leslie Mann
Smart Restorations


The best practice in online public relations include, evaluating and analyzing the public opinions, their attitude along with developing strategies or policies for communication. Implementation of communication programs in different media channels is also one of the best practices of the online public relations. The marketing programs can also be collaborated with the communication mode which eventually increases the online public relation. Creation of goodwill by the company, Smart Restorations and freely communicating with the potential customers and the stakeholders is also one of the very effective online public relations practice. Audience targeting that can be done by paid promotion, free promotion and referral promotion in the net is also an effective online public relation practice.


New digital media communities can help Smart Restorations to do well in their business. The new online communities like, the social platforms, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram and file sharing sites like, “”, “” and so can be perfectly used to make the business grow and prosper. The social platforms as mentioned above are also the new digital communities which are virtual by nature but are very strong and useful in reaching people and drawing their attention on some topic very easily and quickly. Apart from these blogs, Ad auction, ad groups and ad campaigns are also some of the important media communities that can be used in this prospect to increase the marketing of Smart Restorations.

Task 3


Market research is vital to the business success of a company and it is often one of the mostly important steps required before a company starts to promote itself or thinks about a marketing plan. There is a need to find the right figures and aspects of the trade to better assess the market and make the right decision; here the secondary market research also plays an important part. This is the part where the company needs to assess the things like the sales and marketing success through the tools and sources that are available to the public. These are usually collected through the different sources that are listed like the internet sources, media courses as well as through newspapers and magazines and through pools and unions and government assessments. These are usually free sources like the sources derived from the public. For the Smart Restorations Limited there is a need to know the amount of money it is required to put into marketing efforts since it believes that with the recessions going away the economy shall slowly bounce back again and new offices will need furniture and at reasonable costs, and the Smart Restorations can help these small companies get the look they want and the furniture they want at discounted prices. With the various options to get restores furniture, entrepreneurs will surely look for ways to save on the accommodation of employees as well as look to minimize their cost for furnishing their workplaces.

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These data can be derived from the various online surveys as well we can also create for ourselves a small feedback and questionnaire form and ask workers and entrepreneurs as to what they feel as customers or potential customers about the effectiveness of the used office furniture industry. Today, people need to be aware of their skills and by the market survey of the company we can gain valuable input from the company and how it operates> there is a need for the company to be able to grow and change itself to get more visitors online, there is a need for an easy to order website and easy contact options (Shatanawi, 2014).


The steps to creating an effective online survey are to make it attractive and short a people are hardly interested in surveys that take a lot of time. In most cases, the surveys that take less than 10 minutes to gill are the ones that are most successful and provide the right answers and views. There are a number of online websites which provide the facility to create online surveys and especially the ones that are free, but we can also create our own Google drive form and use the template we have provided below as the questions that we can ask our surveyors about what they feel are the main aspects that restrict them from buying online.


The Customer Relationship management skills are common and in most cases they have been used since a long time. In the first case, earlier the concept of Relationship Management was used to show the how the companies used their skills to understand and keep better relationship with the clients and customers in order to create a better management within the company. Today, the CRM is more common terms which directly refers to the aspect of maintaining and enhancing customer relationships and experiences through strategically placing as well as through the different methods of maintaining relationships. There is also a need to understand the concept of the ECRM. This is a modified and advanced version of the traditional CRM that we are used to seeing. The ECRM method uses a combined use of the different methods of having the customer relationship and business analyses through the use of digital methods of maintaining employee relations along with the use of traditional CRM measures as well as the electronic mediums like the data collection methods available online.

These methods provide the people practicing the ECRM processes to be able to make sure that they use the electronics medium is uses to get more information as well as data to make sure that the marketing mix can be created that caters to specific requirement of each target group based on their browsing abilities and interests, as well as purchasing patterns. Also the customer interactions have been considered under the eCRM processes. But large scale data also needs segregation and analysis, which is one Data Aggregation. The eCRM processes can help the company integrated various aspects of goo management and planning to their strategies, these are the Collaborative strategy as well as the operational strategy and the analytical strategy which can be great for the people. The use of cloud technology is also quite important as well as the ability to create multi channel and multi stages of eCRM provides better reach for the company (Bhaskaran, 2010).

Task 4


An effective internet marketing plan for Smart Restorations can be built with the optimization of the search engine and thereafter some small and effective policies and strategies can be adopted to make the marketing campaign a successful one. Framing the goals and finalizing on the strategies and then adopting the right tactics is the basic step of internet marketing plan. However, some effective blog posts can be made on behalf of the company so that it spreads awareness about the type of products and services that Smart Restorations are offering. Quick links in collaboration with powerful social platforms like Facebook and twitter can also be done in this prospect. Thereafter, paid promotions which include short and catchy advertisements can also be done or can form an important point of the marketing plan. Attracting the audience through some meaning contents and graphics can also come under the plan of marketing. However, some basic and simple online marketing plan or strategies like, sending e-mails, newsletter and so on can also be done so that it reaches a maximum number of people and they can further visit the company website for more information. The search engine can boost up the marketing by directing more number of people to the website of Smart restorations and also by increasing the traffic. Apart from this collaboration with other search engines more visibility of the online company can also be done.


Pay per click is a paid effective online marketing strategy which is all about attracting people to a certain website. In this case an online organization or an online brand pays an amount to a website owner via the platform eg. Google,Bing, to show his advertisement in his website and thereby increasing the number of visitors or customers or buyers. Pay Per Click Advertising can be seen in search platforms, Google display network, Google App Store. The ad formats vary from text to image to video. These advertisements comes in small pop up boxes in social platforms like, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on and whenever anyone clicks that advertisement the person is directed to the website of the online store. This strategy can be effectively used by Smart restorations to increase their sell and services. This pay per click advertisements does require a lot of investment and can be easily done to boost up ones business. Some other concepts that are related with the pay per click advertisements are catchy contents, tagline, well defined graphics and good positing strategy. With all these Smart Restorations can effectively boost up their marketing plan and can also increase their visibility. Pay per click advertisement is done via tools like Google Adwords or Bing AdCenter. There are other remarketing platforms which retargets visitors based on their past search history. It is a quick mode of advertisement to market ones products with specified geographies. The last important point in this prospect is that pay per click ads has to be very presentable.


So, it can be depicted from the above done study that internet marketing is a very important tool for the companies and it not only helps in getting more customers but also helps in gaining more business knowledge. By making use of the different kinds of internet tools it will not only help the Smart Resolution in getting additional clients on the other hand it will also help in attaining more business insight.


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