User Generated Content Marketing Campaign


Promotion as one of the 7 P’s of marketing has been successful in acquiring the attention of mass. User-Generated Campaign (UGC) is regarded as the different forms of content which are developed by individuals through social media means (Cassinelli, 2014). It covers wikis, blogs, podcasts, tweets, chats, etc. A wide range of applications is used where discussion and sharing are made possible. It articulates rapid growth since 2005 when sharing large content on media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc has been made. Companies are into UGC so that better interaction with the customers and mass audiences can be developed (Smeritschnig, 2013). Organizations are developed in all aspects and facility provisions as per their concerned area but the area of communication and making people aware of their dealings lacks aside. Hence, the generated campaign has been identified as one of the most prompt and effective sources through which dissemination of information can be fostered in the best way possible (Ku and Edward, 2012). The present work is intended to understand the UGC in depth by creating a marketing campaign for the Ricoh Arena. Further, the report will detail the actions, tools, timelines, and metrics to achieve the provided campaign objectives. 

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Overview of The Ricoh Arena and Marketing Campaign

Ricoh Arena is a venue platform for different proceedings in the UK. This is a hub for various different for sports, entertainment, and business. This perfect place for entertainment has space of about 20,000 sq m with two restaurants, 2,000 onsite car parking bays, and the UK’s largest casinos. The rationale for the best place of events lies in the beauty as here organizing of training, banqueting; sports activities, music, exhibition, hotel, etc can be made so easily and with wide open space (Ricoh Arena, 2016). Event organizers are finding it perfect and infuse huge fund investment on promoting business and pertaining plans. Various eminent corporations are working partners of the Ricoh Arena and are Ricoh, Lloydspharmacy, Jaguar, and E.ON as well as tenants Grosvenor Casino.

Objectives of The Marketing Campaign

The proposed plan aims to prepare the user-generated content marketing campaign for the Ricoh Arena. The central idea is to explore the range of digital marketing channels which are available to the organizations in order to undertake digital marketing campaign (Malhotra, 2013). In that streamline, the present work will laid stress on following defined objectives which have enumerated as follows:

  • To raise brand awareness of the Ricoh Arena
  • To capitalize on positive brand associations with other brands currently connected with Ricoh Arena
  • To inculcate the use of digital marketing theory and industry examples to underpin current digital marketing campaign for Ricoh Arena.

Marketing Campaign Plan For The Ricoh Aena

About the location feasibility of the Ricoh Arena

Ricoh Arena is an award-winning platform for organizing an event at an international level. The most benefitting advantage for planning an event at this place is the location. Ricoh Arena is situated 800 yards away from the largest motorway network in the UK. It is at the 20 minutes distance from the International; Airport and 50 minutes of time distance from the rail route at London Euston (Coventry and Warwickshire, 2014). This facilitates the guests and people top approach easily (Miles, 2013). This is the reason the place is so feasible for various events programs such as business associations, conferences conventions, weddings, exhibitions, etc.

Audience persona and their needs

The entire idea relies on finding the best traffic possible so that social sharing of content can be floated among them all (Bacic, 2013). They would be the first share from whom the proximity will be at closest. The audience targeted will be those who have been a member of the Ricoh Arena before as an organizer or as an event experience (Kasravi and, 2012). Organizations and people as the audience always want a platform where they can promote their good, service or idea. Ricoh Arena is a world-class destination in Coventry that contributes to the economic development of the UK. Ricoh Arena organizes events for followings:

  • Meetings and conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Music and Sports
  • Weddings and banqueting

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Competitive research

As a part of marketing strategy, rivalry firms are equally important. Different players in streamline with Ricoh Arena are engaged in content writing with the other agencies. These are inclusive of copy blogger, someone, quick sprout, and others. In marketing about their events, personas set good examples (Crane and Desmond, 2002). They can better state about their strengths and make necessary points to set the same.

Marketing campaign actions

In an order to initiate the process the marketing campaign for the events of the Ricoh Arena, following actions for promotion will be undertaken:

Creating video

There is a need to find the relevant audience and for that tracking is necessary. As a marketing plan, the video is planned where all the functions and events in the past will be scripted. This entails the future of the event's success at Ricoh Arena (Freytag and Munksgaard, 2011). At the end of the video, sign up of Ricoh Arena website can be added as well.

Creating E-books

Ricoh Arena will make use of this tool to maintain a relationship with its target and future customers. It will be designed in such a form that seeks easy to read and attractive proposes can be met easily. According to Cepulkauskaite (2000), it will be designed in such a form that seeks easy to read and attractive proposes can be met easily.

Conducting Webinars

It has been analyzed that Webinars ranks among the top three content marketing strategies. This provides an aggregation of the experiences shared by the customers and individuals (Gong and Janssen, 2012).

Consistent blogs

In the words of Odén and Larsson (2011), it has been analyzed that marketing campaigns are successful with the blogs and hence through the number of visitors, easy way of identifying the actions set by target public can be made (Odén and Larsson, 2011). 

Marketing campaign tools

Ricoh Arena needs to promote its events promotion through different websites tools which have been stated as follows:

Phone Call Tracking: In an order to track the marketing event campaign, it is important to track phone calls that are associated with the advertisement campaign, traffic course and searching of keywords (Marketing Campaigns, 2016). The benefit that Ricoh Arena will have through this tool is that it enables to understand the audience in a better way possible (Herzberg, Meyer and Weske, 2013). Mongoose Metrics and CallRail are two most important eminent industries leading in phone calls.

Form Tracking: This is a new measure to understand the public. When people start into booking events at the webpage of Ricoh Arena, tracking about them can be enabled. In this way, information for them can be acknowledged (Dawson, 2001). It helps to know about the completion of form s filled, spending, and time taken by users, etc.

Website Heat Maps: this is regarded as the graphical representation through which data accessed by audiences with respect to Ricoh Arena can be known (Demers, 2013). Mouse tracking can be made into use and easy survey with saving lots of money can be easily made.

Split Testing: This is way poor methods which can also be used by Ricoh Arena as a marketing tool (Deng, 2010). Here, a test of various changes on the Web page elements can be made. Along with this, it also helps to search for the one best of suitable designs for the event firm.

Marketing campaign timelines

Ricoh Arena needs to plan the promotion of its events. For that, the timeline act as a smart action that needs to be planned by taking specified time period into actions and has been set as follows:

Content Marketing Plan Implementation – Month One

Week One: Searching of keywords (3 hours)

Publishing a Blog will be a good idea for this event every experience of the audience shared by the public who acted as a part of any of the event of the cited business will be beneficial. Here, WordPress can be used and customization of the blog can be planned to set up (Djelic and Ainamo, 2009). The client’s experiences can be the best example through which promotion can be made on an easy note. 

Week Two: providing E-mail subscriber facility (6 hours)

Broadcasting per month is the best way through which email subscriber service can be provided. VerticalResponse, MailChimp, or Aweber are the provider of some email services (Fang and Zou, 2009). Through these sites, Ricoh Arena can be broadcast emails regarding an event and promote at their imaginary alignment. 

Week Three: Setting up of Social media profiles by taking Facebook as popular media (3-4 hours)

In the next week, the promotion is made through the use of digital marketing and hence audience at mass can be intimated (Top 50 marketing automation software tools and apps, 2015). There can be used various sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc but Facebook is the most effective and efficient source to be found useful. It is a platform where sharing of million events is facilitated and hence Ricoh arena will be found best out from this social networking site (Ricoh Arena Wifi, 2016).

Week Four: Writing of content (5-6 hours)

Content to be posted should be very effective, efficient and influencing. Ricoh Arena should focus on translating the things which are of major success to them (Collin, 2003). All the experience of the events in the past should be sorted and articulated properly. Famous past figures such as industry rank, events covered, changes and transformation, etc need to be delivered very clearly, concisely and smartly (Digital media, 2016). Use of images can also set a good example in the entire working. Basic points of the content to be published should be clearly written and mentioned.

Publish and Connect (3 hours)

This is the final step of launching and hence the appropriate selection of the internet sources to be published is required (Ng and Seabright, 2001). For the present marketing campaign of the Ricoh Arena, Facebook has been regarded as the best source of media tool as continuous interaction seems to know about different prospectus that entails the success of the marketing campaign (Amor, 2010).

Marketing campaign metrics

Measurement serves as the most vital aspect of setting up the marketing campaign. This is required to be assessed in order to know about the Return on investments that unnecessary wastage of money and funds can be determined (Malbin, 2013). The following 10 marketing metrics strategies are discussed as follows which can be applied by Ricoh Arena:

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Total Visits: It is imperative to assess the number of target and potential customers’ interest (Passarelli, 2010). This is therefore important to indulge their opinion by tracking them in order the gain the effective outcome. This will provide an idea to the company with respect to driving campaign of the traffic (Cierpicki, Wright and Sharp, 2000). This should either be consistent and must increase with time.

New Sessions: By using the metric found in Google Analytics, the number of site visitors recurring can be assessed. This tracking enables to know about the recurring visitors and effectiveness (Halinen, Törnroos, and Elo, 2013). The change required in content can be made accordingly.

Channel-Specific Traffic: Ricoh Arena work on its marketing campaign by using the four different channels which are based on their point of origin (Converse, 2005). Full scale of digital marketing campaign can indicate the channels and their performance with regards to the certain aspects which are inclusive of visitors on social media, people performing research, individuals suggested as referral links and directly indulge people in the marketing campaign (Baghdadi, 2013). 

Bounce Rate: This marketing campaign metric used which demonstrate the visitors leave the website of the cited firm (Chang, Van Witteloostuijn and Eden, 2010). Generally, it should be low as high does not impart as fair indication.

Total Conversions: This is regarded as one of the most significant metrics that Ricoh Arena can use for measuring the profitability of overall marketing efforts. It is used to calculate conversions on site directly, depending on how it’s built, or setting up of a goal in Google Analytics to track the progress made (Barnes, 2011).


The objective of undertaking deep insight into user-generated content marketing campaign has been developed by taking Ricoh Arena. The rationale is to focus on the aspects which are related to delivering to the mass audience. A descriptive understanding has been built upon with respect to understanding the mechanism of developing a viral marketing campaign. The report has been the attempt to present different events and activities of Ricoh Arena so that effective campaign inclusive of all different factors has been well covered. Highlighting the use and significance of the internet and social media proved useful in understanding the complete study. To sum up, the research was a good learning procedure about understanding content marketing plan for a mass audience. 


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