Introduction to Performance management

Performance management and control is considered as the process through which managers and workers work together in order to plan, monitor and review the individual's work objectives and overall contribution towards the firm. However, it is essential for organization to set, agree and monitor performance targets which will assist in contributing to the achievement of organizational objectives (Van Dooren, Bouckaert and Halligan, 2015). In the present study, University of West London (UWL) has been taken into consideration and identifies the decision making model within firm. UWL inspires its students to become innovative professionals, connecting them to exciting and rewarding careers. Here, BREXIT issue is also taken into consideration while assessing the situation of UWL and then take decision making process for the betterment of students.

Centralised or Decentralised model

University of West London has been currently planning to organised into 3 faculties within which there are 8 schools. Thus, involving different schools into one universities involves varied range of decisions to be taken so that effective decision can be taken. There are two different types of decision making model such as centralisation and decentralisation. Within centralised organisation, it helps in delivering important information that is mainly reserved for top management (De Waal, 2013). Thus, such system helps in concentrating upon power in the upper levels of firm. UWL aims to take effective decision so that they can render best education facilities to students which would help them become creative and innovative professionals. However, such decision is autocratic and does not involve other employees to involve in decision making. Here, the top management of university decides regarding the education system and does not involve other people to take decision and control (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Centralisation is a comparatively older system of management and possess various benefits such as within such system policies and objectives are clear and provide employees a fair idea regarding the expectations of business. Top management usually comprises of experts who are likely to make best and effective decisions. However, it involves limited number of people while making decisions in relation to university. However, the main conflicts faced by UWL while undertaking centralised decision such as it requires to invest great deal of responsibility in relatively few people and is less effective as a solution to big issues (Ates and et. al., 2013).

Furthermore, another model of decision making that could be undertaken by university is decentralisation method which helps in taking decision by involving different levels of management. Here, decision making power is not just held with upper level but also involves lower level employees. Thus, top management includes continuous input of facts, information and ideas from the reporting line (Arnaboldi, Lapsley and Steccolini, 2015). It is considered as a democratic system so that effective decision can be undertaken to attain goals. Decentralisation is considered as the more democratic approach towards running an business in which every individual has certain level of autonomy. The main benefit of such type of system is that since workers are involved in decision making and setting objectives they own such conclusions and objectives. Here, morale and motivation level of workers are high and helps them to make effective decision making. Also, better choices are made so that expert decision can be made in relation to attain desired results (Khamooshi and Golafshani, 2014).

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Moreover, it can be evaluated that UWL follows decentralisation decision as there are numerous number of institutions fall under the university so that it is essential for them to involve each and every level of management within decision making process. Thus, it assists in identifying the current BREXIT issue which assesses that UK should remain the member of European Union or leave the EU (Fullerton, Kennedy and Widener, 2014). Thus, such issues identifies that through leaving the EU Britain and its universities will possess its own decision as well as greater control over its own economy. Hence, undertaken decentralisation decision making helps UWL to take effective decision and involve every level of management so that best decision can be taken. It does not just involve top management but decision making is shared with lower level staff as well so that effective decisions are been taken in favour of students to become them innovative professionals (Laureiro‐Martínez and et. al., 2015). However, the operations of University of West London are very wide as it involves different institutions so that decentralisation method is most suitable. It helps in maintaining a balance between strategic and tactical decisions by top management while operational decisions are made by lower level employees. Hence, it helps UWL to make effective decision in relation to students  so that it assists in inspiring students to become innovative professionals and connect with them to exciting and rewarding careers (Schultz and et. a


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