Human Resource Development is the integration of training and learning programs, career development efforts in order to enhance skills and knowledge of employees and effectiveness of an organisation. HR Department is held responsible to develop competencies of individuals through implementing planned learning activities in order to achieve growth and success in professional career. The present assignment report is based on HSBC which is one of the largest financial organisation in world which deals in multiple banking and financial services. The project covers different learning styles and theories which is helpful in improving performance of employees. Benefits and demerits of training programs along with the systematic approach plan has discussed under this report. The project also summarises the role of government in training, development and lifelong learning (Avey and et. al., 2011).

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Task 1

1.1 Comparing different learning styles

The management of HSBC need to focus on conducting training and learning programs for their staff members in order to develop their skills and capabilities of doing allotted work. There are different learning styles which need to adopted by the management of HSBC in order to get sufficient information about the knowledge and skills of employees working in an organisation. Such learning styles are described as below:

Kolb's Learning Styles: This style was first published in 1948 by David Kolb which implies that people need to follow only four styles of learning which is based on the combination of learning cycle. It includes four stages:

Diverging Learning Style: It includes those people who prefer to learn something new and innovative and after analysing their effectiveness, they prefer to take action. Such type of person are more intelligent and always focuses on gaining new knowledge.

Assimilating Learning Style: It includes those people which believes in logical and conceptual things thus prefer to make research in order to gain new logical learnings.

Converging Learning Style: It includes those people who prefer to work practically rather than learning theories. As they believe, doing practical work gives actual experience and knowledge (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011).

Accommodating Learning Style: It includes those people who prefer to work according to the direction given by inner feelings. They perform with emotions thus do not believe in conducting research.

Honey and Mumford's Style: It includes four main learning styles which direct employees to gain new knowledge and experience and perform with their own direction. There are four methods of approaches which are given

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