Human Resource Management for Organisation


Human Resource Management is generally concerned with managing people within an organisation by using appropriate policies. Human resource manager has various roles and responsibilities that can be categorised into three major areas such as staffing, compensation and benefits, designing work in any company (Anderson, 2013). The main purpose of HRM is to increase productivity as well as profitability by utilising available resources or manpower in better manner. On the other side, human resource always focus on acquiring, developing, retaining talents and aligning the entire workforce within the business so that particular tasks or goals can be achieved in an appropriate way. This report is based on Tesco plc, a British grocery retail firm working on International level. It is headquartered in England, United Kingdom. This assignment will define the purpose and functions of HRM for organisation. It will explain strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selections along with benefits of employers and employees as well. Effectiveness of various HRM policies are studied in this report. Importance of employee relations and employment legislation which influence HRM decision-making. Also, it explains and shows applications of various HRM practices in any organisation.


P1 The purpose and functions of HRM that applicable for workforce planning and resourcing

HRM is defined as a collection of activities which employees, recruits and manages people within a business concern. HR managers hire and choose suitable candidates as per their skills or knowledge for fulfil a particular job or vacancy. Human resource department is very important for every firm as they play vital role in managing entire workforce in an effective way (Aswathappa, 2013). They are responsible for recruiting, selecting and developing every employee within firm so that they can achieve predetermined goals or objectives. The main purpose of HRM is to develop individual for increasing productivities and profitability to accomplish targets. HR manager performs various roles in Tesco plc for maintaining and managing employee and also building strong harmony system among them. It is very beneficial for the company for generating profits and achieve advantage in competitive market.

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Purpose of Human Resource Management

HR department of every business concern has to perform certain roles and responsibilities which are to be fulfilled. It helps in creating an efficient workforce for Tesco and also helps in building strong and healthy relationship between employers and employees. Managers usually aim at building a proper bridge between employees and employers. Tesco uses new and innovative policies for efficient management of its employees. It also helps in building healthy relations among all its employees to increase productivity. (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017).

Create better organisational culture: Organisational culture plays a very major role in creating effective working environment in an organisation. It helps in efficient management of activities given to employees and their timely completion as well. Managers of Tesco plc., focus on assigning every task equally among employees to reduce negativity and avoid any further misunderstanding.

Law: Government of UK has undertaken various laws and legislations which are to be compulsarily followed by all business concerns as well as individuals. These laws include labour relations, union employment legislations and negotiations. All these factors greatly influence decision making power of managers of Tesco. Therefore, every business concern requires to follow certain laws and legislations for taking all important decisions like hiring, selection as well as termination of employees. Managers also need to follow legislations while considering retirement plans, benefits of employees etc.

People management: Human resource management is a process which aims at management of people in an efficient way. It is very essential for enhancing growth and productivity of Tesco by process of optimum utilisation(Cascio, 2010). Tesco plc has a well developed brand image as its HR manager lays emphasis on managing and maintaining employees to achieve better co-ordination and collaboration for performing all major tasks and activities.

Functions of Human Resource Management

HRM is a combination of numerous activities and functions that take place in any organisation relating to human resource of an organisation. Main function of HR department is to deal with issues of workforce thereby resulting in enhanced productivity and profitability (Boudreau, 2010). Manager of Tesco plc always try to maximise wealth with increasing sales volume so that number of customers can be satisfied with quality of goods or services. These functions are as follows;

Orientation: This is a main function in which manager conduct orientation program when new employees join the company. It is a type of an interactive session where newly appointed staff members get to interact with other employees. Employers introduce new joiners with staff members and provide guidelines to them towards goals or objectives.

Recruitment and selections procedures: HRM department are responsible in managing and maintaining the workforce by recruiting and selecting suitable candidates in the Tesco plc so that maximum sales can be made.

Employee relations management: HR managers ensure developing relationships among employees working in Tesco so that a balance of relationships is harmoniously maintained. It helps inz

Training and learning sessions: It is an important functions of HRM where employers organise training program in any firm for employees (Chelladurai, 2017). This function helps in increasing work productivity by enhancing individuals skills or abilities so that they will perform tasks in a well mannered way and achieve set targets.

P2 The Strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to recruitment and selections

It is not an easy task to recruit and select best suitable person for fulfilling specific job vacancy. They are necessary to make corrective decisions for creating effective workforce within any firm. Recruitment and selections is the process where individuals are selected as per their matching profile and abilities for a particular position in the company. HR manager of Tesco plc always try to hire talented people through effective procedures. There are various approaches available for recruitment and selections process that manager undertakes for hiring best candidates with match their suitable criteria. Tesco plc also focus on pro-active and reactive attitudes while making decisions regarding recruitment. Their main aim is to build a pool of applicants who are qualified and skilled so that new innovative ideas can be developed in the firm. Some approaches are given below;

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Job analysis: This is first phase where manager collect information about about any job vacancies within the firm. They make decisions regarding conducting recruitment and selections process for fulfilling that particular job (Kerwin, 2017). Manager consider several activities for hiring qualified or skilled candidates to achieve outcomes.

Job Description: It is related with details or information about vacancy and mention necessary information such as salary, required experience, task or work and responsibilities of supervisors so that interested candidates can be applied.

Person specifications: In this point out important criteria regarding qualities, qualification knowledges, abilities and skills for specific job. It is related with job descriptions that assess suitable person for a job.

Job posting strategies: HR department have responsibility to make appropriate strategies for process of recruitment and selections. Therefore, Tesco plc consider best strategies or method to hire eligible and interested persons.

Multi phase recruitment: It is also a best systematic method that support in finding eligible and talented person with matching their profile in the firm (CHUANG and Liao, 2010). In this included various methods of interviews such as face to face, telephonic round, and examinations for recruiting individuals.

Strengths of recruitment and selections

  • Internal method is suitable for hiring candidates within an organisation so that job can be fulfilled without any delays.
  • It is cost effective and less time consuming techniques as there are no needed much amount for conducting recruitment programs.
  • External recruitment is another source that helps in developing unique ideas, innovations and creative thinking by selecting individuals from outside of an organisation.
  • This process is very beneficial for creating effective workforce by attracting talented person towards firm so that targets can be achieved.
  • Tesco plc is focussing on hiring qualified and knowledgable candidates who can handle any tasks in critical situations and complete work.

Weaknesses of recruitment and selections

  • Sometime internal process is not suitable for firm as it prevent fresh talents and innovations due to selecting candidates from inside organisation.
  • External method can be costly and expensive because it requires funds for advertisements, media or any form of medium to provide information regarding specific job to talented candidates.
  • It is a time consuming method because external recruitment has lengthy process for hiring an individual.


P3 Benefits of HRM practices for both the employer and employee

Human resource management is very beneficial for every individual within every firm. Several benefits and advantages are available for both employees and employers with the helps of effective HRM practices in an organisation (Daley, 2012). Manager of Tesco plc always consider the effectiveness by managing people relations and workforce in more appropriate manner. Here are various benefits such as;

Employer's benefits

  • Focus on tasks or assignment: Employercan use this as an advantage by dividing tasks or work among various activities for getting it done effectively. They try to find suitable ways for task completions in best possible way.
  • Using work time: It is also a benefit for employers through HRM practices that they can utilise time as well as efforts for work completion in an organisation. Tesco plc applies different HRM practices for attaining its goals or objectives within limited time period.
  • Reduce absenteeism: These are useful in decreasing chances of absenteeism and encourage employees for work with more appropriate ways (Fulton, 2011). It is beneficial for Tesco plc in enhancing growth and productivity.

Benefits for employees

  • Experiences in new areas: It is best benefit for employees due to HRM practices. Workers have opportunities to get more experiences and increase their knowledge with the help of realisation regarding new areas.
  • Opportunities of training and development: Employees have good opportunities to enhance their knowledge or abilities through learning sessions. Tesco plc conduct training and development programmes for increasing productivity as well as profitability.
  • Personal satisfaction and cultural interest: HRM practices are helpful in providing individual satisfaction and protecting employees' cultural interests in an effective manner.

P4 Evaluation of effectiveness of HRM practices for organisational profitability and productivity

HRM practices consists of various rules and regulations and policies that must be followed in an organisation (Glendon, 2016). These are very supportive in managing entire business activities and maintain workforce accordingly so that goals or objectives can be achieved timely. Tesco plc undertakes all these for increasing profitability and productivity by different HRM practices.

Setting of directions and implementation: It is main duty of manager of Tesco to provide appropriate guidelines and directions to the employees for achieving set gaols or targets in efficient way. Leaders undertake responsibilities for setting purpose, missions, goals or objectives in the workplace of Tesco plc. These will support in increasing profitability and productivity.

Excellent performer and innovative staff: This is also beneficial for organisation as they can bring innovative ideas and creativity while performing any tasks or work. Leader and manager focus on bringing effective atmosphere and positive environment for achieving particular targets.

Individual and team goals by effective communication: HRM practices also help in providing best method of communication for passing information to the employees so that particular goals or targets can be attained.

Update skills and maintain productivity at workplace: Skills are very important for any job and should be updated or developed on a timely basis to ensure higher profitability and growth (Clarke and McKenna, 2016).

Drive performances of employees: It is a major role of every firm that provides extra benefits and rewards to employees so that desired outcomes can be achieved.


P5 Importance of employee relations that influence HRM decision-making

For successful organisation, employees relations play an important role to accomplish set goals. Managers of Tesco consider effective relationship among people for proper collaborations and coordination between team members. It is usually said that company have to take care about their workers by providing proper benefits and compensations (Guest, 2011). They should provide better working environment to employees and motivate them so that productivity can be increased. Tesco plc support to its employees as HR manager focus on encouraging workers and motivate to them for completing tasks in an effective manner.

Sharing work: It is can become more easy and effective through better relationship as every tasks can be completed by sharing them among people in an effective manner. It is an essential factor that support in building strong team and achieve future goals or objectives.

Resolve conflicts: This is very necessary to have good relations among people which will help in reducing chances of conflicts and resolve any issues or problems in a more appropriate manner. Teamwork is very beneficial for achieving set targets and achieve positive outcomes.

Employees loyalty: Company can make their employees loyal by practising several HRM practices in an effective manner. For this, manager have to focus on creating positive and healthy environment so that healthy relations can be maintained among employees.

Maintain Equality by communication: This is an important component as there should be best method of communications in firm for providing proper information to the employees regarding business decisions (Knowles and Holton, 2014). It will help in reducing the chances of barriers and solve any issues in adequate manner for attaining targets.

P6 Key elements of employment legislation and its impacts upon HRM decision-making

Numerous laws and legislations have been formulated by government which relate to various firms as per their structure and nature of operations. Many organisations have a well maintained hierarchy for their business activities which ensures proper communication at almost all levels. Tesco also considers certain conditions for creating a healthy work environment such as:

Analyse position: This is an important task in which define job vacancy with proper details (Swanson, 2014). It is necessary to fulfill job applications, therefore company focusses on providing appropriate information to workers about their roles and responsibilities within Tesco plc for achieving goals and objectives.

Equal wage act: In this consider that company cannot do partiality and discrimination among people as per their caste, race, colour, religion and gender. Therefore, there should be equality for maintaining an effective org

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