Introduction to Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the process of recruiting and enhancing the knowledge of people in organization. This is done so that employees can give value to business. Management of human resource include job analysis, planning for needs of personnel, recruiting right person for job, training them, managing wages and salaries, evaluating their performance, resolving their conflicts and communicating the information with all the personnel at all departmental levels (Human resource management (HRM), 2014). The topic managing human resource is discussed in the present essay with respect to St. Patrick’s nursing home. The paper entails to understand the procedure of recruitment. Further it includes strategies for building effective teams for working in health and social care. Lastly the easy covers analysis the approaches for managing people working in health and social care.

The factors to be considered when planning for the recruitment of individuals to work at St- Patrick’s nursing home can be as follows. The education of the employees is very critical while recruiting (Catano, 2013). It is very necessary to check whether the employee’s education can meet the requirement of the job to be filled. In health and social care it is very important to check the degree of employees as the work done requires specialization (Lucio, 2013). St Patrick’s nursing home is required to consider the work experience of the employee. Strong work experience helps the organization to get good performers. The knowledge and skills required for the job are to be considered while selecting the personnel (Wilton, 2013). This is because work in health care requires expertise and some specific skills to perform the duty. This factor is very critical in hiring the person. Another factor which the organization is required to judge that is interest level of the applicant. It is very necessary to check whether or not interest of employee matches with that of the business (Amos and, 2009). The workers who are curious to perform the duty will always give better outcomes to corporation. Moreover these types of employees are always satisfied with organization. St- Patrick’s nursing home is needed to see the potential of employee to fit into the culture of firm. The employer is likely to hire such employee which is best fitted to the position as well as to company’s work environment. Personality plays major role in determining the kind of characteristics person possess (Gary, 2011). Way of taking and responding to things are to be considered while hiring the people.

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Relevant legislative and policy frame work of home country influences the selection, recruitment, and employment of individuals at St- Patrick’s nursing home. The legislation provides Equality Act 2010. This act implies that recruitment of employees is to be done without any discrimination (Mooney, 2014). This legislation impacts the recruitment process of the organization as it forces the nursing home to follow discrimination law as well as to treat all applicants equal while recruiting and selecting. The legislation of Disclosure and Barring Service is also very critical while hiring employees (Martin, 2008). This legal frame work forces the employer to check on the criminal records of the applicants while recruiting the employees. The Policy of safer recruitment also influences the hiring process. This policy has set some minimum requirements which are to be complied while making selection. The purpose of this policy is to select the best person for the job (Sims, 2007). Moreover it identifies and rejects unsuitable job applicants for nursing home. The Care Quality Commission frame work inspects the services given by nursing home, whether or not they fulfill the government standards (Care Quality Commission (CQC), 2014). This frame work is to be taken care of while recruitment and employment so that right person can be chosen at right job.

There are different approaches that may be used to ensure the selection of the best individuals in St- Patrick’s nursing home. The short listing criteria can be used so that all the applicants who best suits to the job can be selected (Baker and Doran, 2007). Further scrutiny from this list can be done so that finest employee can be selected. Nursing home should follow such criteria so that it can hire best employees in the organization. In order to select the best personnel the firm is required to carry psychometric test. Under this strength and weakness of applicant is tested (Yeo and Li, 2011). This will help the nursing home in assessing the suitability of the job applicant. The purpose of this is to get accurate knowledge on personal, behavioral style and abilities of the job seeker. Another approach which can be used by nursing home is cognitive test. This will help the health care firm in evaluating the intelligence level of the employee (Middlemiss, 2012). St Patrick’s nursing home should use just test so that it can select the right personnel which is best suited to perform the vacant job. The cognitive test helps nursing home to evaluate the required skills for available task. The nursing home can use panel interview approach in order to choose best candidate. This will help in removing interviewer biasness as under this interview is conducted by two or more interviewers (Longenecker and Fink, 2013). St Patrick’s nursing home is recommended to follow such approaches while designing selection process so that it can make selection of right candidate.

The types of teams that work in health and social care are multidisciplinary, collaborative working, focus group and isolated (Brody, 2010). The theory such as Tuchman’s stages of group interaction is vital as it helps in team growth and assists them to face the challenges. The stages in this theory also help in tackling the problems and finding solution to it. Multidisciplinary teams have relation to this theory as the team is formed with interaction of people. The team so formed will be consisting of members who have complimentary experience, skills and qualifications (Panagiotakopoulos, 2013). Such teams are formed at different phases of Tuchman’s group interaction which help the nursing home in achieving its specific goal. Belbin’s team role theory helps in collaborative working. That is, this theory aims at understanding the personal role of individual in team. This will help the team in indentifying the strength as well as weakness of the individual member (Tracey, 2012). Further this theory will assist in collaborative working of team members. Collaborative working will be helpful in nursing home as under this, members in team work jointly in order to attain the goal of health and social care firm. Woodcock’s theory of developing team helps in building focus groups that have clear objective and interest to be worked for. This theory aims at developing an effective team which leads to individual development. Focus groups under nursing home are research teams which are asked to provide opinion and views regarding development in nursing home. Woodcock’s theory is applied in relation to such team (Montoro-Sánchez and Soriano, 2011).  As the result from these teams are only effective when it works with coordination and sound procedure in carrying the research. So the theories of group interaction are related with different types of team working in health and social care.

There are different approaches that may be used by staff at different level to develop and promote effective team working at St- Patrick’s nursing home. In order to enhance team working motivation approach can be used (Thompson and Kleiner, 2005). This will help in enhancing the potential of employee to work in team. The motivation will help in inspiring the team members which will further increase the effective working within the team. Leadership approach can also be used so that effective team can be developed. Leaders are those who lead the team, provide guidance to the member in order to carry out job in an effective manner in St Patrick’s nursing home. The leader helps in motivating the team members as well as it analyze the interest and common purpose of team members (Mellahi and Budhwar, 2010). In order to enhance the working of team the leader provides direction to them so that work can be done in accordance with the standards in health and social care. Coordination between team members may also provide better results. With this, individuals will cooperate with each other so that work can be carried in an effective and efficient way (Lamond and Zheng, 2010). Target for the team may also be suitable approach in develop effective team within St Patrick’s nursing home. The team member will strive in order to achieve the team goal. Thus this approach will enhance working within the team. These all approaches may be used in nursing home staff so that it can develop and promote effective team working.

Performance of individuals working in health and social care can be appraised by monitoring. Performance monitoring can be used in order evaluate the working of individuals. For this nursing home can set some performance standards which can be helpful in monitoring the actual performance of the individuals (Constantin and, 2006). Observation of the individual can be done when they are performing the task through this performance of individual can be appraised. Further this will help in bringing improvement in working also. In order to monitor the performance of individual supervisor meeting can also be conducted within St Patrick’s nursing home. This will help in analyzing the act of people while performing the duty. Self assessment and peer assessment can also be used in evaluating the performance. Under this individual monitors their work on their own (Huntley and Kleiner, 2005). This help in enhancing the learning of the employees which makes them independent. Peer assessment can be used in order to appraise the performance which helps in getting feedback. Thus it will help the individual to enhance their performance on the basis of advice received from the colleagues.

Training and development needs can be identified at St- Patrick’s nursing home by SWOT analysis, skills and knowledge audit, performance appraisal. SWOT analysis will help in identifying the strength and weakness of employees (Jiménez-Jiménez, and Sanz-Valle, 2005). Through this individual needs for training can be identified. It is helpful in analyzing the areas where the staff is lacking. Further training session can bring improvement to this. Needs for training can only be analyzed when the firm knows the areas in which its individuals are poor. Skills and knowledge audit can be another way through which individual training requirements can be recognized at St Patrick’s nursing home. Skills and knowledge audit helps in identifying the capabilities of individual in order to fulfill the job needs (Anh and Kleiner, 2005). If individual do not possess the skills as per the job then training for these is requires so that they can enhance their skills in order to perform the job to best. Lack of skills can be identified only when individual carries out audit for it at their personal level. Performance appraisal can also used in recognizing the need for training (Working within teams, 2014). Performance of individual is monitored in nursing home which provides the management to know where they are lacking. Further improvement can be done to it by organizing training session for the individuals. Feedback can be used in order to know what training requirement staff members require in St- Patrick’s nursing home. The individual can provide knowledge to their immediate superior regarding what problems they are facing in accomplishing their duty (Mooney, 2014). Thus the top management can recognize the needs for training and it can organize it order to improve the performance of its staff.

The different strategies for promoting the continuing development of individual in health and social care workplace can be constructive feedback, personal development plans, coaching and mentoring, training (Psychometric Test Preparation, 2014). Strategy such as constructive feedback can be critical in improving the performance of individual at St Patrick’s nursing home. When work performance feedbacks are received by the individual then they can know on where it can enhance its quality in work. Through feedback continuous improvement can be done by individual in nursing home (Multidisciplinary team, 2014). Another strategy can be personal development plan. Through personal development plan, individual can know what skills it acquires and what skills it requires in order to perform the job in nursing home. If the individual know where they are lacking then this will help them in bring improvement at workplace. In health and social care skills related to care of patients are required. In order to improve this individual can use strategy of feedback from its clients (Han and Zhao, 2013). Thus will facilitate the employee top improve.  Mentoring is done at workplace in order to know potential of individual. Under this mentor is appointed who transfer knowledge and skills to person. Thus, this further leads to enhancement of personal and professional development of individual. Mentoring and coaching helps in enhancing skills related to problem analysis and strategic thinking (Catano, 2013). This will help in continuous improvement of employees at St Patrick’s nursing home. Training can be another way through which individual can bring improvement in its ability to perform the job. Through training specific skills related to job can be enhanced.

Theories of leadership that can be applied to health and social care work place can be Burns' Transformational Leadership Theory, Fiedler’s situational contingency, Mintzberg’s management roles (Lucio, 2013). Burn’s transformational leadership theory emphasize on working in collaborative manner rather than working individually. Under this theory, leaders and followers both are engaged in enhancing the morality and motivation of one another. In social and health care it is very important that the staff work in team while treating their patients. Moreover role of each individual is critical in nursing home as best outcome can only be achieved when employees work in collaborative manner (Wilton, 2013). Fiedler’s situational contingency assumed that there is no best style of leadership but the effectiveness of leader depends on the situation. In social and health care this leadership style can be applied so that individual can deal with various situations. Under this leaders measure the performance of its employees using measurement scale (Amos and, 2009). This will help in identifying the least preferred co worker. In nursing home it can be used so that individual can improve their performance and can provide quality services to their clients. Minterzbery management role leadership theory can also be used in health and social care so that manager can know what roles they are required to perform in order to perform different activities within hospital. The manager of the hospital is required to perform decision roles, information processing role and interpersonal role in order to manage the staff members and it will also help in bringing out the best from them.

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The working relationships that prevail in nursing home are those between physician and nurses, physician and physician which are to be managed within St Patrick’s nursing home. The relationship between nursing staff and physician can be managed by strong coordination system. With this, role of each employee is communicated and what is required from is also conveyed. This will build strong coordination between physician and nurses (Sims, 2007). Thus this will enhance the productivity of both as work is done in coordinated manner with effective communication system. The relationship between them can also be managed by involving the nursing staff in decision making. This involvement of nursing staff in decision making will increase their motivation and communication. Thus it will establish strong working relations between them. This relation can also be improved when employees are provided with good working conditions (Gary, 2011). Training can also be used in order to manage the relationship between physician and nurses. Through this nurses can know what they are required to perform. Thus it will enhance connection between them. The relationship between physician and physician can be managed when they work in coordinated manner (Middlemiss, 2012). The different physicians have different skills and knowledge transfer of skills between them will build strong bound between them which will increase the efficiency of overall hospital.

The approaches that I encountered such as distance management and micro management have influenced my own development during my experience. In micro management approach my work was closely observed by my leaders and superiors. This helped me in bringing improvements in my performance. Also this approach helped me in solving my work related problems. However, close observation is bit irritating and frustrating sometimes which may impact the work performance (Brody, 2010). My skills and knowledge related to specific task are developed as proper guidance is provided by superior when they keep close view on the work. Through this approach I have identified my weaknesses and the areas where I require training. Distance management approach has helped me in getting knowledge from the physicians who are placed at other locations. This has increased my performance as well as ability to groom my professionalism. This approach is very time consuming as well as sometimes quick response from physicians is not received. Through this I reviewed my own practice at workplace. Thus distance management approach helped me in building the competencies thereby it resulted in enhancing my overall potential to perform the task. Along with this it also has improved my ability to deal with the problem at different work situations. Hence the approaches has proved beneficiary in bringing development in my work performance.


It can be concluded from the essay that factors such as organizational need analysis, skills, experience, qualification required, are to be considered while recruiting of individual at St Patrick’s nursing home. The legislative and policy framework such as Equality act, Care Quality Commission also impacts the selection and recruitment of individuals at work. It is analyzed that there are different approaches such as short listing, cognitive, personality test which helps the organization in getting best personnel (Tracey, 2012). Further it is evaluated that there are various theories of group interaction which has strong relation with development of teams within the health and social care. Motivation, leadership, coordination are the approaches which can help in effective team working. Monitoring of performance is helpful in promoting development of individuals working in nursing home. Lastly the strategies such as continuous improvement, personal development plan, mentoring assists individuals to bring continuous improvement.


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