Marketing Planning


The marketing plan is a detailed document in which objectives are included that is to be created and also the specifications and characteristics for how they will be achieved. It includes setting of targets and passing the information to those people who are responsible to attain them.

British Airways is the largest airline and based on its fleet size it is second largest in the United Kingdom. It is near main hub based in Waterside. It has head quarters in Waterside and England. In this report, marketing plan of British Airways is discussed in detail that includes the mission statement, targets to achieve, analysing the market situation and also its growth, goals and tactics of marketing, making the budget as well as the implementation plan. British Airway's mission is to provide basic functions to the society, also to give good service to its consumers and maintain relationship with them.


1.1 Review dynamic perspective in marketing planning

Audit changing point of view in marketing plan is basic instrument utilized by the management to determine advantages and disadvantages about the firm. Planning imperfections, way to prevail in objectives and attributing in another market or another item against contenders, all are recognized by management through it. Marketing may resemble a science however it is a blend of creativity, advancement and intuition while building up a marketing-plan and a good marketing-plan is made on the thought of changing point of view of the market. Management can be profited in the event that they utilize their assets, objectives, tools and procedures utilizing distinctive bent. It is the biggest airline in United Kingdom in light of fleet estimate that likewise confronted tough rivalry from minimal effort equal Easy jet. Leading privatization, the administration of the aircraft as yet searching for new market for development. They have chosen to grow their services to seven more places to build number of traveller that will bring increment in the income in long run.

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1.2 Analysis British Airway's capability for planning its future marketing functions

Strengths, shortcomings, core skills, assets, synergetic impacts as well as behaviour comprise hierarchical ability. Company's quality in making opportunities confronting outside atmosphere all are portrayed by capacity requirements for future planning. Following are the authoritative abilities of British Airway's are:

  • Unique administrations
  • Brand impact Behaviour
  • Resources
  • Weaknesses
  • Strengths
  • High quality
  • Loyal consumer
  • Famous organization
  • Management knowledge

Albeit British Airways was established in 1974, it has the probability to assist by developing its services sectors like traveller and payload administrations to new goal. The firm should likewise create fund, marketing, general management, employers and data to get upper hand in the market against competitors. A prearranged spending plan also known as budget to control utilization of assets inside a specific restriction drives the organization to budgetary prospects. British Airways also must concentrate on control and give administrations to different class traveller with the goal that nothing incorrectly can be happened to give a decent quality administrations. In this cutting edge time, web turned into a main consideration for systems administration and spreading data and administrations through on the web. Site of British Airways is aiding numerous clients by making them remain in house and do all seat reservation and giving data about flights and new offerings.

1.3 Analyse methods for organisational auditing and for evaluating external elements that impact on marketing planning

The techniques that can be utilized for the evaluation of audit of British Airways are SWOT Analysis, PESTLE or Porter's 5 forces model. By the analysing of SWOT Analysis it will be feasible for the firm to determine its strengths and this will aids the organization in making better opportunities for itself and with the assistance of determination of its shortcomings it will have the capacity to enhance them and with that the conceivable threats can be kept away. By pursuing this the organization will have the capacity to enhance its total performance.

There are different external components that influence marketing planning of the organization. British Airways routes can utilize PEST analysis that will assist it in look at different external components (Metaxas, 2009). With this, PEST analysis it will have the capacity to think about political, economical, social and technological elements and than can take measures keeping in mind the impact to lessen the effect that is caused because of them. With the dynamic condition these outer components are critical to be considered while planning in connection to marketing and PEST analysis will turn out to be useful in it.

1.4 Organisational auditing and evaluating the external components that impact the marketing planning

For marketing audit, British Airways can use SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

  • Strengths: The strength of the British Airways are as follows :
  • High market share
  • Economies of scale
  • Strong brand
  • High level of combination of internet and IT
  • Weaknesses: Following are the weaknesses of this firm:
  • Return on investment is low
  • Solely dependent on UK market
  • Restriction in the capacity of the Heathrow terminal
  • Opportunities: Some of the opportunities of the cited firm are:
  • Expansion in the international market
  • Maintaining and improving the relations with trade unions
  • Threats: Company's threats
  • Terrorist attack
  • Intense competition in the aviation industry
  • Disputes in services because of employee strikes

For marketing audit, British Airways can use PEST analysis. PEST is Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors. These factors are used for analysing the market situation.

Political Factors : This does not effect the British airways like if the suitable steps are not taken into consideration to solve the problems.
Economical Factors : For external analysis, economical factors plays a vital role as fuel prices hikes, this effects the airline industry and so as British Airways. It has been seen that global crises affects the travelling spending (Olson and Hult, 2005). The price of the fuel goes side by side or aligned to dollars this basically effects the airline industry.
Social Factors : The social factor is important in the development as well as the growth of the airline industry. British airways have to make new strategies according to the needs and the want of the consumers and also consumer should attract in these strategies.

Technological Factors : To know the needs and the expectations of the consumers, the British airways does many surveys every month to know the same. Now the technology is so advance, the customer can do the pre bookings or can change according to the customer needs or wants, this can be done either through mobile phone or via computers.


2.1 Evaluate the main obstacles to marketing planning

Some of the barriers that impacts the marketing plan of any company, that are as follows:

Technological Factors: This is the most crucial element for competitive advantage. It minimizes obstacles to entry also affects the outsourcing conclusion.
Cultural Factors: People comes up towards the business concern as well as products/services in consumer lifestyles along with the values can effect the organisation's marketing planning.
Economical Factors: Business is effected economically both by externally and internally (Payne and McDonald, 2012). This element influences the purchasing power of the consumers which in turn affects the sales and revenue.
Political Factors: It comprises of government regulations as well as legal matters. Modification in legal laws effects the marketing plan.

2.2 Analysis of British Airways may overcome barriers to

To better comprehend the barriers that affect marketing planning in any firm, a manager must perceive online activities that deliver the best outcomes that are easy to work out. Inside the plan a deliberate framework ought to be created to advance goals and join them. The surrounding ought to be carefully examined. Moreover, marketing managers of many organizations get so drained with every day messages, online courses and online evaluation that they cannot focus on creating their strategies.

Organizational culture along with the management unconsciousness are the fundamental barriers in implementing the marketing plan. A few organizations seem to not justify the reasonable advantages of strategic planning; they decreases marketing spending plans.


3.1 Marketing plan for a product or service

An appropriate showcasing arrangement is there for the dispatch of new administration in British Airways, this promoting arrangement comprise of a few stages in order to have powerful and effective propelling of plan. For this organization need to consider things like:

Market Research: It is finished by the enterprise to understand who will utilize or purchase such services and who will get profits by the services.
Rivalry examination: It is fundamental for the firm to analyse its rivals in the market. Assessment of market and competitors is likewise done to know how organization's item is not quite the same as the current result of rivals in market.
Identification of marketing strategy: What will be the promoting technique for introduction of administration/services must be considered by the organization to understand about the ad and promotional tactics.
Public Relations program: Media is included in this stage to audit the services as well as to create it open in the market (Hollensen, 2015). This includes initiation of occasion, interviews along with the media presentation.
Assessment of preparation: Before introduction of the services, its status is being assessed to make sure that everything is in timing also the item is prepared when it is made open.
Preparing of customer service division: It is accomplished for the sound offering of services and to determine client's questions.

3.2 Significance of marketing plan in strategic planning process

Strategic planning is fundamental in British Airways to understand about different offices, divisions and single players to accomplish targets and objectives. It is essential in determining the outside and interior opportunities as well as threats. It contributes in giving input to firm, business and vital plans. It impact shifts among the companies and plays key role in decision making.

Marketing plan assists in specific tactics identified with item advertising (Moutinho, 2011). It impact strategic decisions identified with item or everyday operation functions that is required for the implementation of these strategies in appropriate way. It additionally offer aid identified with objectives of planning, SWOT analysis.

3.3 Techniques for development of new product

Development of item or services in British Airways implies the introduction of item or services in the current or new market. For the advancement of new item, that aids in the compelling improvement of item following are some of the techniques:

  • Evaluation of highs and lows: Instead of getting information about what they crave, get some information about what they are as of now utilizing. What are their preferences about the present item, this will aid in examining different highs and lows.
  • Determination of actual needs: It is important to note subjects that are utilized by customers in their everyday life and attempt to concentrate on the things which they lacking and the item can fill it (Nijssen and Frambach, 2013). British Airways utilize this technique in the improvement of new item to get successful and productive outcomes in the market.

3.4 Recommendation for pricing policy, communication mix and distribution of new item

These are some of the principle things that is extremely important for British Airways to remember, which is identified with the new item. Following are the suggestion are:

  • Pricing Policy: It identifies the path in which firms sets the costs of the item. To form sound pricing strategy is important to accomplish objectives and targets (Sadjadi, 2012). Organization should set costs as indicated by the objective market.
  • Communication Mix: It is the blend of a various components. Firm ought to see these in the new item advancement. These components are:

1.Advertising: In this firm, it concentrate on every messages which an it guarantees to convey to clients.
2.Personal Selling: Company must concentrate on top of the line items/services that need more endeavours on consumers to purchase item.
3.Sales Promotion: It ought to incorporate the reduced cost and advantages that company will provide to draw attention of its customers.
4.Public Relations: It must be be finished by the organization through different occasions, media connection and so forth.
5.Direct marketing: It incorporates parts of offers advancement and individual offering. It incorporates print study, online review, mail orders and so forth.

communication mix

Distribution: Product dissemination ought to be appropriate with the goal that it ought to be at the scope of every single client.

3.5 Elements that affect sound implementation of market plan

As a marketing manager of cited company, there are a few elements that impact the sound implementation of market plan in a firm. These elements are:

Demographic: Its components incorporate the opportunities as well as threats which are there in condition for the company.
Financial/Economic conditions: Constituent in monetary condition incorporate taxes, employment-level, rise in price and other elements such as demand and supply.
Development, size and thriving of market: This incorporates the market size in which the organization works and what are the development alternatives for the enterprise.


4.1 Ethical issues that influence marketing planning

Marketing planning is the design or outline of an organisation tactics that is assessed in market. It shows the business functions along with specific marketing goals. It maximizes sales as per the strategies (MusibauandLong2011). In the marketing planning, ethical issue is the difficult component in a market and buyer. Social issue is the leading effect on direct in the marketing that is dangerous for the consumers as well as business. It must also be particular to evaluated the tactics that can aid in boosting the productivity and profitability.

4.2 Examples on how British Airways respond to ethical issues

British Airways is a worldwide airline firm that reacts to ethical issue by the better promotional tactics that are identified with their society and also ethical manner that enhances the picture of the cited company. Utilization of internet code is specialized process that is utilized by computer framework. In this ethics issue, the organization can responds by the shriek blowing which demonstrates the framework that can permit to the workers and in addition management they can included the utilization of web and email. Also, the ethics issues like social element is identified with the society in this procedure the marketing planning that is more viable.

4.3 Examples of customer ethics which affects marketing planning

Consumers ethics is fundamentally concentrate on ethical decision making and furthermore conduct of the consumers. In ethical issues of purchasers the tactics of the market initially discuss about by the top level of the administration individual after that their procedures can be assessed the marketing planning that supports is expanding efficiency (O'Cass and Siahtiri, 2012). In the marketing planning, the costumers of the market ought to know about the item by the some of promotional functions to improve the sales and additionally the benefit of the company. In the organization the ethical issue can be investigation by the polices that is set in the firm that impacts the technique of the marketing planing.


From the above report, it has been concluded that the planning must be there in every firm so that do there operations more successfully and can pick up the goals and can develop in market, there are approaches to take care of the issues in the business concern so that no issues can be there it should be broke down before with the goal that it could not develop more. It can preplan everything so that if issue emerge then they can't confront all of a sudden. So with the assistance of SWOT Analysis, PESTLE Analysis they can have the capacity to resolve the internal and external situations.


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