Tour Operation Management for TUI Resort

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Organization Selected : TUI GROUP
Question :

Some of the main questions in this report are:

  1. Give all the functions of resort management.
  2. What are the impact and procedures for conflict and legal situation.
  3. Give all those procedures for tour operations.
Answer :


Resort operation management refers to those management who are maintain the all activities and process of the resort in good manner and satisfied the consumers needs and wants. They care all their visitors and traveller who stay in their resort. In addition with this, Resort management is a pat of the service industry in which managers have a responsibility to provide most effective services to their customers as per their requirement. They provide tour operator to travellers who are maintain all the activities relating to travelling and tourism sector. The chosen organisations for this assignment is Thomson holidays and TUI sensatori resort. TUI operate in travel and tourism sector and provide all benefits to their visitors(Buchli and et. al., 2014). Its headquarters situated in Luton, England. Thomson holidays is now known as TUI UK and It is also listed with this name in LSE (London stock exchange).

TUI was founded in 1965 with the name of Thomson Tour operations by Roy Thomson. When the company was started they were providing four operations such as Skytours, Riviera etc. Now company have their own cruise through which they are providing services across the world. firstly their cruise was known as Marella cruise which were changed in 2017 as Thomson Cruises. Company has achieved highest record in terms of users of B2B online shopping in the year of 1981. company was started their own club with the name of Thomson founders club in 1998 in which they are providing 10% discount on the booking of package holidays to the club members. But in 2008 the company was closed this club without giving any notice or compensation. They are faces a huge competition from their rival Clarkson travel group. Their management uses effective pricing strategies so that, their customers are more attracted towards their offerings. They have huge brand image in the marketplace so, they have to provide quality services to their customers.

They are providing their travel services in various channels in charter planes, package holidays, hotel and resorts etc. On the other hand, TUI sensatori resort is established in Caribbean sea at negril, Jamaica and providing stay and food services to their customers.  In this report include, functions of resort operations and the structure of the resort offices of different types of tour operator. In this consist that how effective quality procedure and systems impact conflicts and legal solution. Impact of quality procedures and systems implemented by a specified tour operator on its operations. In this also include incidents that impact the operations of a resort and procedure to be implemented by a tour operator to deal with various incidents. At last consist the how procedures to be implemented by a tour operator link with guidelines of trade association and government bodies.



1.1 Analyse the Functions of resort operations:

Resort is a location where visitors are come for enjoying their holidays. In these days, Individuals are likely to visit at various locations due to which, Resort have to maintain their services for the large number of customers. There are various visitors who have different type of purposes for visiting at different places. Their purposes may be included office work, family trips, college vacations, etc. for this, resort management have to formulate plans and policies for managing services in effective manner.

As it is related with the brand image of organisation so, they have responsibilities to providing effective services to their customers. Negril beach is a small beach but it is widely spread in the Jamaica and also a part of Caribbean sea. Customers are more attracted towards this beach because of its natural beauty. There are some resorts such as tensing pen resort, The SOV resorts, Samsara hotel, Grand lido etc. are  placed at this beach due to which, their value is increased. TUI sensatory resort have collaborate with these resorts which increase their capabilities to serve their customers with best quality of products and services. Some functions of resorts are given as under:

Coordination and handling of Tour operators -

There are various departments in the resort such as finance, operations, food and beverages, sales etc. these departments are providing collaborative services to the organisation so that, customers are enjoying their stay at the resort. There are various customers with their own preferences are visiting regularly in the TUI sensatory resort therefore, management of resort have to make relations between these departments. In resorts, company have to make essential plans and strategies so that, they will provide effective services to their customers. Managers of TUI book resorts at Jamaica which is TUI sensatory resort for their precious customers. So, before booking organisation have to manage all the services for upcoming customers due to which, their brand image will be maintained in marketplace (François,and et. al., 2014.).

Customer service function-

Customer decisions make growth of the firm. According to this sentence management have responsibilities to work according the requirement of customers due to which, organisation will able to build healthy relations with them. For providing better services, managers of the resort have to analyse the need and demand of their guests which will help them in performing activities in effective manner. Management have to take supports from maintenance, reception and beverages department so that, they will provide effective services to their customers.

Managing the legal, health and safety issues-

Resort such as TUI sensatory at Negril, Jamaica have to work as per the law of government. It is essential for making good image in the marketplace. The safety measures have necessary adopted by the resorts because customers wants to stay at the location where they get safe and secured stay. Resort managers have responsibilities to provide healthy and hygiene food to their customers so that, they will be followed the healthy measures. Furthermore, they have to maintain their sanitation and room services in proper manner due to which, they will provide better quality in services to their visitors.

1.2 Analyse the structure of resort management along with guest related activities.

Individual wants to enjoy their stay so, Travel and tourism organisations have collaboration with some resorts. Due to which, they can able to providing better services to their customers. There are various departments in a resort such as finance, reception, maintenance, cleaning staff etc. they have responsibility for working with cooperation so that, they will better serve to their customers. Management of TUI sensatory resort has effective communication structure in their workplace so that, managers can easily define roles and responsibilities to their employees. Through which their departments have better connection with each other. This resort follows functional structure so that, all the employees of them are performed their functions in effective manner. For e.g. when visitors have requirement of food managers of resort will contacted with the food and beverages. (Forsmark, 2013)

There are various type of tour operators they are as follows:

  • Inbound tour operators – this type of operators providing their services in a specific country in addition to this, these operators gave services to those tourists who are arrived in their country. In other words, they are known as acceptant journey operators. For e.g. an individual who have no knowledge about a place so, they can hire this type of tour operators due to which, they can easily travel in the specific nation.
  • Outbound tour operators – They are called as multinational operators. They organise tour programmes for their own residential to an another country. They are also provide tour package to customers in their own nation who have demand for visit to another locations. For e.g. TUI organise a trip to Jamaica beach for the customers at attracting price.
  • Domestic tour operators - They organise trips for their residential in the limit of their nation. They are called as resident operators. As they know all destinations of a specific country so they providing tour packages on the basis of repetition as per demand of customers.
  • Specialist tour operators – This type of tour operators are specialised for providing better tour packages for a specific destination or a particular product. A specialist tour operator organise the trips to the customers as per demand of them. For e.g. a group of friends wants to visit at a specific destination so, they will hire to those who will be organise trip for their special need.

In Negril beach there are various events are organised in the resorts such as winter sports for the visitors who are visited in the resort. For organising such event, management of TUI sensatry resort have to provide special quality services to their guests. For this, management have to provide training programmes to their employees due to which, they will provide better services to their customers. As the visitors are from different country so, they have to recruit persons for getting satisfaction from them. It will help them in making brand image and they will be able in knowing different culture and regions.


2.1 How effective quality systems and procedures affect legal and conflict situations:

Resort is a location where visitors come for enjoying their stay. For providing quality services employees of resort have to perform as per the demand of the customers which will help in getting satisfaction from their customers. In the context of TUI sensatry resort is located in Negril beach, Jamaica. In these days, as customers spend their money for getting quality services from the tour operator (Jaafar, M., 2012). For this, TUI Senstry resort have to make effective plans and policies due to which, their brand image will be maintained. There are some importance of quality systems which are given as under:

It gave assistance to managers for getting huge satisfaction from customers due to which, TUI will take competitive advantage in marketplace. Through providing quality services, customers will more attracted towards the offering of organisation which will help them in attaining more number of customers. When the organisation will provide services to their customers as per their demand it will help the tour operators to establishing more destinations due to which their revenue will automatically increases.

TUI sensatry resort which is placed in Negril beach, Jamaica uses approaches for solving their legal issues. They have hired a legal practitioner who gave information about the legal terms. Resort is the topographic point where visitor get various services such as bar, spa, swimming pool, food and many more. For providing better services to visitors their management have responsibility to work in ethical method. Managers of TUI sensatry resort have to perform their activities as per  the guidelines due to which, they will maintained quality services in their resort. They have to organise training programmes for their employees which will help them in providing more effective services to their customers. In the case of any issue decision are taken by mediators or third parties of the resort who are free from their boundaries. As TUI have a good brand image so they have food licence and they also take care about the safety and health of employees and customers. Due to which, they have less issues of conflicts in their workplace.

For example, there is a issue on providing wine to their visitors in the bar of TUI sensatry resort. So, it is a issue of legal kind which is solved by the managers of the TUI sensatry resort. As they hire a legal practitioner for solving and handling the legal issues. He have proper knowledge of laws and regulations. There is a way in which the organisation will solve this issue that was arise in their workplace (Kotas, 2014). Process of solving the issue is explained as under:

  • Firstly they will registered the complaint of serving wine to their legal practitioner
  • Then, He will take necessary actions for resolving the issue with using his knowledge of food and beverages licence along with the period of licence and serving wine permissions.
  • After this, two result will be collected by the legal practitioner first will be satisfaction of complaint and other one is related with dissatisfaction.
  • In the case of dis satisfaction, management of TUI sensatry resort will face the issue. It will help them for getting proper solution of issue.

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There are various issues which arises in the workplace of TUI sensatry resort they are:

Food quality issue -

There are few visitors who have some issues about the quality of food items. As they have a food licence so, food and beverage department of TUI sensatry resort have to perform their duties according to the perimeter of the licence (Yusof, 2013).

Safety and security of employees as well as customers-

employee's safety is essential at the workplace. So, TUI sensatry resort have to placed proper fire extinguishers so that, they will be used in the case of emergency. Managers of TUI sensatry resort have to provide training to their employees for using that equipments. There is a law of safety and security of employees and consumers which can be followed by the management of resort at the time of requirement.

Issue related to cleanliness-

In TUI sensatry resort, their managers have to consider the issue of cleanliness because it will harm their brand image along with their customers will also reduced. It will help management in reduce the issues which will be arise in the resort.

2.2 Impact of quality systems and procedures implemented by a specified tour operator on its operations:

TUI has a huge market presence as a tour operator which provides tour packages to the customers. They have to consider quality services because their package include travel and stay services. It is essential for them because it is related with the customer’s facilities. It will providing help to them because their motivated staff members will perform effective services in the organisation due to which brand image of TUI will be increased in the marketplace. When they provide better quality in services to their customers it brings loyalty in the customers. So, It can be said that management of TUI have to focus on the good quality.

For example managers of TUI have to consider the quality of resorts so that, managers of TUI sensatry resort will be perform in effective manner. It will improve the quality of goods and services in the resort due to which the revenue will also increased of resort. It can be possible through proper analysis of the management of TUI. They should adopt a proper communication structure due to which, they can implement new approaches in their organisation in effective manner.


3.1 Incidents that affect the operations of a resort:

There are several kinds of incidents that affects the operations of a resort:

Natural Incidents: These incidents are occur due to happening natural disasters and due to forces of nature. For instances: tidal waves, floods, fire.

Transport Incidents: These incidents are occur due to the travelling, hijacks, and crashes in transport that are ineligible and the safety problems affiliated with the transportation system of resort.

Medical Incidents: These incidents are occur on medical grounds like: food poisoning and malaria, cholera, typhoid break etc.

Political Incidents: When political incidents takes places and happening, then business of resort also affected.

Accommodation Issues: In this consist staying problems. Its occur when cleanliness is not provided and not maintain the quality of services etc(Karangelos and Wehenkel, 2016).

The incidents are the diffusive of the diseases on the big scale and the difficulties can  increase advance problems and can increase safety and health safety problems. Resort is the property in which consist many open areas and extra-curricular processes which can include the sphere like parks, grounds where due to insects, diseases and water logging can subsist and spread the illnesses related to health which can again spread. In the context of TUI,  their managers have to consider such type of issues because it will wrongly impact on their brand image  in various methods for e.g. an individual have an issue about the accommodation it will complaint to the managers if the managers will not providing better response to the customer. It will reduce the satisfaction of customer due to which the buying behaviour of customer may shift to their rivals product (Stamatakos, 2014).

3.2 Evaluate the procedures to be implemented by a tour operator to deal with different incidents:

The different process that can be select for the appraisal of the incidents are as follows:

  • There is a demonstration of the crisis contact information of the top persons and the government officials in the Thomson holidays. It will help the managers of TUI in reducing the possibilities of issue arises in the workplace.
  • Fire Office and foreign licenses and certifications have been taken due to which staff members of TUI will provide better services to their customers
  • There is a fire tool and  removal which is being arranged for all the force so in which they alert of what act is taken by them in fire. It will also providing help to the employees for facing issue of emergency.
  • Tour Operators retain incident control checklist and first aid with their representatives. So, tour mangers can also handle this. In the context of TUI,  organisation will attain more number of customers due to effective services of the firm.
  • They hand over the checklist and safeguard which support the traveller with the contact information of the polity and persons who mention in case when issues are occur during the tours(Rushton, Croucher and Baker, 2014). It will help the management in taking growth and sustainability in marketplace.

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These process are applied by the Operators need to be associated  and linked with that  guidelines which are given by several kind authorities and trade organizations which are laying down the procedures and policies for the resorts operations and tour function. There must be a procedure on the procedures in which tour operators and resorts develop, it support in bond to the development and processes of policies well.

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3.3 How procedures to be implemented by a tour operator link with guidelines of trade associations and government bodies:

There are several procedures which is implemented by a tour operator which is given by government bodies and trade association are as under:

  • Regular fire excretion and tool  programs that need to arranged at external and internal level. There should be actions refers to the internal checks  and audits for the fire. The auditors  check  and visit the activities which is defined by the TUI sensatry resort, .
  • The resort should renew its incident and emergency permit in which it can be related with the obsessed union which can instantly get in case here is whatever parenthetic in the TUI sensatry resort(Sansawatt, Ochoa,  and Harrison, 2012).
  • The guidance for the safety and health  of each worker necessarily to be put and  displayed on notice board of TUI sensatry resort due to which it can easily found and safety and health  problems are accompanied in a particular manner and required according to the guidelines.

Resort Operations are much slow when it is not attended in a correct way. It is essential that the regulations, rules and processes are surely remain by according to UK employment and labour legislation in which the manpower can satisfied(Stamatakos and et. al., 2014). Preceding all the safety and health processes and working situation should to be interpreted in full action in which safety and  health of the workers is well-kept.

Quality Method and its care is a concept in the company is very essential. when quality is maintained in well manner, then its attract more concerns and surely support the resort in improving customer loyalty, productivity and services. It retain the consumers and  simply they are not going in other resorts.

Incidents are also conjugate to occur either human-made and natural but when appropriate actions are bring in organisation then it can easily be prevented by them. There must be a committee which should set up in the resort that should involve the external and internal members and they are ensure that accidents can be prevented and avoided for occurrence further. This promote development and growth in terms of profitability and revenue for the Thomson holidays(Yusof, and Jamaludin,  2013). Thus,  resort operations management affect their business, profitability and revenues which is make in the resort.


From the above given report it has been concluded that resort operation management is very essential for travellers and visitors who stay in resorts. The resort procedure concern creating set up for accommodation and bed, creating set up for the drink and food, keeping coordination among consumers and provider, hold the safety and health of the travellers and keeping the communication among respective offices of tourist destination.  Systems of quality effectively preserve and running operations of resort. These process are practical by the operators need to be associated and linked with that guidelines which are given by several kind regime and trade organizations which are laying down the procedures and policies for the resorts operations and tour function.

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