Employee Engagement In Organization

Introduction to Employee Engagement

The philosophy of relationship between an organization and its employees is referred to employee engagement. The firms which are having large numbers of employees their efficiency is more rather than the organization which has few human resources. However, perceptions of employees towards job have a great impact on loyalty of customers (Truss and et. al., 2006). In the present scenario, ABC is a dental clinic in UK where numbers of employees are engaged who are performing their jobs in pretty good manner. Managers of the firm are required to employ human resources for management of the employee’s engagement.

Best practices to engage and motivate employees, some are:

Give feedbacks : It is one of the most convenient tools that can be used by ABC dental clinic, which helps the human resource managers to keep employees motivated and engage them continuously for a particular job (Albrecht, 2010). Giving regular feedback on staff's performance increases their morale which enforces them to work better. Technique of praising in public and criticizing in private realizes employees their importance and makes them feel good. In return, they also co-operate with superiors in well manner. Even small appreciations impacts employees for long term. Newly recruited employees must be given more positive feedbacks in order to make them more enthusiastic towards their role. Therefore, it is clear that feedbacks act as a good motivator for employees of ABC dental clinic (Macey and et. al., 2011). This ensure employee that they are getting everything which are needed by and make their  performance efficient for better results.

Department mentoring programs : uccess of firm largely depends on mentoring programs because it keeps environment of employee's management warm. Such programs are valuable in retaining and engaging employees for development. Mentoring includes mentors and mentee where mentors provide skills and knowledge to mentees in a particular area (Harter, Schmidt and Hayes, 2002). The role of mentor in this program is of a teacher or an advisor who shares their insights and experience with mentee. The main purpose of conducting mentoring programs is especially for newly recruited employees to provide them with learning opportunities. Beside this, highly experienced and valuable employees can be retained for long-term objectives which results in increased efficiency (Saks, 2006).

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Comparison of best practices with actual practices

In the current scenario, ABC dental clinic employees are not providing their services up to the mark. Still, more improvement is required for enhancing their performance to reach expectations. As it has been discussed earlier, that continuous feedbacks act as a booster for motivating them but in the cited dental clinic, there is lack of feedback policies. Employers are not interested in providing regular feedback but they only assign tasks. Instead of assigning task, managers of dental clinic must educate new as well as existing employees how to work in a dental firm (Macey and Schneider, 2008). For example, if new tools and equipments are introduced in clinic, specialized doctors must train their employees, how to use those tools and this is needed in ABC dental clinic. Keeping employees informed and involved about various activities of clinic makes them alert for future programs.

This sort of information is important because in case where specialized doctors are not available, employees can handle small operations easily if they are trained well. For example, if patients visits clinic for small surgery like cleaning of teeth and professional doctors are out of clinic for some other purpose, employees or assistants of higher level doctors can do the same work due to efficient training and practices which is provided to them (Luthans and Peterson, 2002). In the absence of mentoring programs in ABC firm, employees do not get enough chance to learn things. Proper training programs like Departmental Recognition Programs must be engaged in the cited firm through which employees can get ideas about themselves and employers can take decisions regarding what type of training should be provided to particular staff member so as to improve his or her skills and efficiency. Rating employees according to their performance is the best example to carry out this information (Cartwright and Holmes, 2006). So, it has been the outcome that employers of ABC dental clinic has to conduct such policies which are favorable for their employees and through which they can learn something.

Specific recommendations for employees enhancement

On the basis of above discussed, best practices are required by employees of ABC dental clinic, managers should use Four-Frame Model which states the role of employers in engaging employees (Kular and et. al., 2008). This model has been divided into four segments according to their own specifications.

Structural : In this segment of Four-Frame Model, structure has been focused where a specific structure should be made according to tasks of employees (Badesa, 2009). In other words, for each and every undertaking of employees, different styles should be organized according to which they can perform work. Structure also includes technology which indicates towards use of tools and equipments for every staff members. There are number of tools which are used for treating patients and knowledge about each of them which is compulsory for every worker who is providing services in ABC dental clinic. The leadership approach used in this firm should be of autocratic nature because employee’s involvement in every practice is essential (Bhatnagar, 2007).

Human Resource : Improvement in relationship between employees and organization is required for increasing skills and efficiency. Managers should use empowerment in their leadership styles which accelerates employees or staff member’s performance (Seijts and Crim, 2006). They should align employee's needs in such a way that every worker feels that they are getting everything they wanted. Supervising approach should be so clear that shows a sense of caring and affection among newly recruited employees.

Political : This part is totally based on justice and power used by supervisors in ABC dental clinic. Here in this category of four-frame model, managers are of the view that they operates firm with justice without partiality. Managers looks out at practices of employees and judge them whether they are up to the mark or not (Gruman and Saks, 2011). They use reward and punishment system too on the basis of performance of employees.

Symbolic : The symbolic part entails that there is a need of showing faith and trust towards employees of ABC dental clinic by their managers. Such kind of results in faith results in conversion of slower into faster and improved performance.

Therefore, the above explained four-frame model states that using this approach, great improvement can be brought into ABC dental clinic.

Insights gained into employee engagement

Through implementing various experiments for bringing up performance of employees in ABC dental clinic, marvelous changes can be seen. Employees are now fully aware of tools and equipments which are present in clinic. They can handle minor operations easily and one of the major impacts can be seen in their increased morale (Kompaso and Sridevi, 2010). A good infusion with positivity in workplace can be observed under powerful leadership. Employees are keen to learn new techniques in order to increase their efficiency. The two major outcomes through powerful employee engagement in ABC dental clinic are:

Cross-functional team building

Cross-functional team building refers to functioning of different group of employees for achieving a common goal. In this context, employees of ABC dental clinic are intended to provide common objectives through their multiple efforts. However, this benefit is derived through all departments such as financial department of clinic who records all the transactions that occurs throughout the day. Another influencing part is played by human resource department which keeps control over needs and requirements of the employees. For example, need of learning a new tool or equipment is felt by a newly recruited employee. Cross-functional team management is also regarded as self-directed team effort which carries out different task together and runs business (Little and Little, 2006). Another benefit of having a cross-functional team is that every employee provides differentiated perspective for different kinds of problems. This efforts and commitments also give innovation through cooperative process.

Increased motivation is another major benefit of empowering employee’s engagement in ABC dental clinic. Continuous efforts are creating magnificent impact on performance of employees. Handling out differentiated tasks provides a sense of responsibility on employees and in this manner they work more hard in order to prove themselves. Once, employees are praised by their supervisors, they can continue working hard for long run (Markos and Sridevi, 2010). Through training and development programs employees learns new skills and techniques for how to work in a dental session.

In nutshell, it can be observed that with efficient management approach employees can improve their performance and can provide efforts in an excellent manner. Evolution of cross-functional team increase motivation and can lead the firm to high peak in short time period only.

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In the above report, after analyzing various employee engagement techniques and efforts for improving their efficiency, it can be concluded that getting staff members or workers busy and interested in dental clinic is an important task. There are various activities which are performed in ABC dental clinic and employees must have adequate knowledge about how to use them.  In regular intervals of time, new equipments and tools are sourced by specialized doctors and it is necessary for their employees to keep focus on how their doctors work. Human resource management of ABC dental clinic is required to put efforts for training and developing workers to provide them learning.


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